Let's challenge SSCU Trench Wars

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    Let's challenge SSCU Trench Wars

    Reading through some of "SSCU Trench Wars Forums" mafia championship invitation thread, I get the notion that they seem to think that they're the most let's say 'free spirited' community if you catch my drift.

    @Marshmallow Marshall
    Would it be possible for us to get together a dream team with people like PTB, Bruno, Banana - and all that good stuff - and pay them a visit on the purpose of challenging them who's more toxic?

    Our identity as a community is at stake!

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    Re: Let's challenge SSCU Trench Wars

    Lol I do catch your drift, and I can't say I'm unhappy we've moved slightly farther from that kind of, uh, "free-spiritedness" while retaining what makes us unique (better "free-spiritedness"!)

    I wouldn't make that a site event, but y'know, it's not like we can restrict them from their free will on unrelated sites ;).
    Who knows, I may pay them a visit and see, though. "Hey, I'm a random guy who doesn't play whatever your forum is about, and I come to play mafia" sounds good.
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