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    Re: ZZOrange: 1-S2-1-2701690

    This isss running on empty REPLAY REVIEW.

    zz throw . sc2replay

    Honest Man rolls Dragon Head a rare occurence as most evil roles are blacklisted. As this game takes place immediately after a ban was handed out for gamethrowing in a game I won, I'm taking no chances and following an always announce role day 1 strategy. As I do this for all roles, the act of not announcing for certain games would be equally suspicious as announcing only when I'm town is the same as announcing all roles in practice. Pretty easy logic to follow. "Huh why didn't he claim today he must have rolled evil" Pretty easy to follow. Anyway I am subsequently jailed and killed. I did not out any of my remaining teammates but they are promptly cleaned up. I think they out themselves in this one. Either way the need to claim stems from a desire to not be repeat banned for a reason given in a previous ban, clearly demostrating the fact that I'm trying to follow your rules and not get banned. If announcing roles day1 isn't something that should be done it's prob not best to make a guy feel like he needs to do it to not get banned with shoddy prior moderation.

    You could call this a throw if you wanted, but its not like I tried to lose the game, I again just didn't want to be banned for a dumb reason again, so i continued with what I had been doing prior and announcing my roles. Basically just trying not to get banned. 0/1 so far


    Honest Man rolls jailor, n1 executes a default. n2 town lynches a doctor. n3 Executes 11 who was acting very executioner esque who was baiting as vet but also seemed quite suspicious doesn't roll okay.

    Few days pass, endgame is 3 town 2 Triad. Honest Man jails the Dragon Head and Dragon Head is lynched. Final day is 2 town versus one incense master. End of the game is Incense master is being lynched.
    Jailor executes weren't on the mark this game. Still though Town wins this game, in a small part to the dragon head jail and subsequent lynch. At no point was any intentional gamethrow committed here, just unfortunate executes but Town won in the end. Huh you know I shouldn't be surprised anymore at replays that get sent that accuse me of gamethrowing , yet turn out to be a game I won. But big props to the guy for including the full replay. 0/2

    Final Replay zzz

    I roll Auditor as a default name, I audit 11 and the following day attempt to get a lynch on 3. It turns around and I get voted up. I get lynched. That's it the entire replay. I get lynched as a default name Auditor. So even if we're going off the huge grasp of straws saying I threw the game for myself. I guess I did by not lying as a default name it's a neutral role, and I've literally never seen someone banned for not offering defense as a neutral role. It's actually mind boggling that this got included. 0/3

    So here's the thing, if you're making a decision based on a high volume of reports, okay sure fair. You have to at least make sure first that all the reports actually have some substance. I could report Altech with 50 fake reports, but you actually have to verify that these reports have fucking substance otherwise you'd just be falsely banning altech off a trend.

    There's a literal report in here where I get reported for getting lynched as an Auditor the fact that this is something someone could potentially use as reason to ban me is ludicrous. Seriously watch the replays, this is the type of stuff that's getting thrown at me it's laughable.

    I'm tired of dealing with this shit and you guys seeing the fact that these bullshit reports exist as evidence of my wrongdoing cause it's pathetic. Refer to my other post in the main thread, give me a list of shit I don't care what you wanna put on there that I can follow so I don't have to deal with this malarkey and I can just play the game without you guys looking for revenge.

    Such an unbelievable desire to actually throw a game just so I can actually feel like I deserved it. I'd legitimately respect the decision if I ran into a single replay where I objectively threw the game undisputed, and I've played enough mafia that such a replay might even exist, yet this is what I get as evidence. Pedestrian.

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    Re: ZZOrange: 1-S2-1-2701690

    You don’t really have any ground to stand on when you run around with smurf accounts and continue to throw games, even saying to me “is it time to make a new smurf account?” While two other admins were present....

    The people doing reports do not gain anything from reporting you, as much as you think it makes their day to have you banned. How about you stop attacking them, own up to your mistakes and try a different approach? Because this one isn’t currently working for you.

    It was even stated that the point ban was an alternative... you could have been pushing for that instead of doing everything possible to let them know that they made the right decision. Throwing childish tantrums when things don’t go your way is not how you solve problems.

    As said in the last thread, let arrow get back to you with an answer instead of moving on to other threads. Spamming here won’t make him get to you any faster.
    Quote Originally Posted by Mesk514 View Post
    1-I really and truly believe @Unknown1234 is town. He stuck by me when I needed him
    Quote Originally Posted by Gyrlander View Post
    Wow, this game was really easy. I just had to talk dumb shit to survive some days more. :P
    Quote Originally Posted by Mike View Post
    If sheriff cleared you honestly I would take him out of my town core and put him as scum.

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    Re: ZZOrange: 1-S2-1-2701690

    ? What smurf accounts? What do you mean by "People doing the reports have nothing to gain" The types of human beings who do internet janitorial work do it for the power trip rush. If they actually wanted to do things that benefit humanity it wouldn't be this. I only posted in here because when people say things like "You are getting banned because you got reported 4 times during this therefore you must be doing something wrong! But then I come into said report and find nothing of value it shows that the fact that I am being reported doesn't have any merit. Its weird because I read that there was "4 different users reporting" but for some reason this is the only one that's visible, like the other ones either don't exist or are being hidden for reasons unknown. Maybe because they also don't contain any actual crimes?

    Here's the thing Unknown. If I had actually fucked up here, there is a chance I'd be pushing for a point ban, but the fact is ever since the last ban I've been doing everything in my power to prevent the mods from getting a reason to exact their revenge. At this point it appears they aren't going to let me not giving them a reason stop them and I'm going to get perma'd without the offenses even stated. Something I've never even seen before. It would be much easier if the mods just admitted to this being personal and we're banning you because we don't like you, and just told the truth. Than all this dancing around with false reasons and terrible reports like this. I know you can see how I would appreciate the Honesty.
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