Crying vs Complaining

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    Crying vs Complaining

    My nephew be like: crying all the time.
    My brother be like: complaining all the time.

    Is there any difference between the 2?
    I have no negative thoughts about either of those, but I find the thought funny of an adult being hypocritical towards a toddler.
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    Re: Crying vs Complaining

    It might just be a difference in motivation or tone. Maybe complaining can be constructive while crying is just venting emotion? Or maybe crying is when the individual leverages themselves as a victim while complaining is just general bitching?

    Or it could be that its just two different ways to view a single behavior.

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    Re: Crying vs Complaining

    I'm not a specialist of English, but "complaining" is more rational and more noble, so to speak, than "crying". "Crying" has an infantilizing character, while "complaining" does not.
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