Lynch is offensive to scum.

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    Lynch is offensive to scum.

    You should not use the term 'lynch'. And don't say that people 'die' when they get lynched, use the less loaded term 'pass on' to refer to people being removed from the game. Be considerate of scum's feelings. Instead of lynch say 'yeet'! Because then it sounds like you're doing something silly to them like... yeeting them into a circus!
    Quote Originally Posted by Huey The Long View Post
    Naz will die, i can promise you this, i visited there home, i shared the wealth, placed my book on their nightstand and said every man a king 3 times so they will die from my glorious contagion of my political program
    Quote Originally Posted by Blinkstorteddd02 View Post
    You sure you dont want to lynch Voss again? he may flip scum this time.
    Quote Originally Posted by Distorted View Post
    mags my highest townread and i think hes scum.
    Quote Originally Posted by Dark Magician View Post
    Yeah I donít read or care to that much. I just vote correctly and thatís that.

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