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    AkiraKurusu: 1-S2-1-11957846


    Account Name: <ZTempz>AkiraKurusu (HK Ctrl+2)
    Account ID: 1-S2-1-11957846
    In-Game Name: Lucio The Fat (Yellow)
    Crime Committed: Griefing & Game Throwing
    Your Name: <MafiaZ>Paopan

    AkiraKurusu rolls Investigator (Detect Exact Role) in slot #5.
    Night Actions & Investigations Results:
    Night 1: #13 (Survivor)
    Night 2: #1 (Silencer)
    Night 3: #8 (Detective)
    Night 4: #2 (Citizen) - Audited
    Night 5: Vest
    Night 6: Died

    Game Summary

    Day 2
    AkiraKurusu checked 13 as Survivor in Night 1, didn't tell the public or at least leave it at will GAME THROWING #1
    2 was BMed, so town voted for him to speak at trial as victim can talk in trial is ON
    He confirmed BMed and Audited, a very important thing take note for, especially as Town Investigator.

    Day 3
    AkiraKurusu checked 1 as Silencer in Night 2. This time, he publicly claimed fast the 1 is silencer, 1 had poor defense and was lynched. This was the beginning of our downfall, as this is the time we start to trust him as he is confirmed TI.

    Day 4
    AkiraKurusu checked 8 as Detective in Night 3, again. He didn't cooperate with him/us. 8 (Salvatore Ferrari) publicly claimed he was detective and audited, hence Auditor existence is now confirmed as DH/GF hiding as "audited" is one hell of a strategy. Anyway, Spy results got 3 lynched as the Serial Killer.

    Day 5
    AkiraKurusu checked 10 as Citizen in Night 4, Triad tries to kill 13, but failed as 13 was Survivor (Only AkiraKurusu can confirm 13 was survivor). But guess what? He didn't say anything to us that 13 is confirmed survivor Game Throwing #2. Town voted for 8 as suspected Auditor, he claimed detective and citizen. AkiraKurusu didn't defend 8 whilst knowing he is really a detective, hence he was lynched; he abstained like an idiot Game Throwing #3. Town then PMed him roles/lw so he can decide which one to check next.

    Night 5
    AkiraKurusu wrote in his will "10 is GF" without solid evidence aside from his TI results as citizen instead of summarizing his investigation results. Game Throwing #4.

    Day 6
    AkiraKurusu checked 2 as Citizen in Night 5 and was audited. Guess what? he didn't say about this at all in public, hence town believed he was still an investigator Game Throwing #5. Town PMed him roles/lw and when they are audited. AkiraKurusu voted 10 without hesitation and got lynched as a results. You know what he did? He typed "2 is witch" in his will while his TI results showed that 2 is citizen in Night 5 Game Throwing #6.

    Day 7
    He vested as Citizen, again he didn't say he was audited. what a retard. He then said "kill 2" "i have spoken". As confirmed TI, town believed him and 2 got lynched as citizen. Game Throwing #7.

    Day 8
    AkiraKurusu died without any will, last town was lynched. GG for town even with 9 towns + survivor actively helping town.

    My Opinion
    I believe this was purposeful Game Throwing, leaving no will as the most important TI in the game, and especially on Day 5 and 6 where he ordered the lynching of 2 townies. Town trusted him (Pmed him roles/lw) and he failed to deliver. He's not a new player, account match history started around Feb 7, 2021 (Right around the time y'all banned people, coincidence? I think not) and has been playing ONLY Mafia ever since. This is just one of the games, I suggest other people in this forums to add/support my claim. Also, he has this shit jester save that results in a leave train most of the time. Additional confirmation that he is trolling and game throwing a LOT. I ask the mods for a review and hoping for at least a 2xBL.
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    AkiraKurusu: 1-S2-1-11957846

    Account Name: AkiraKurusu
    Account ID: 1-S2-1-11957846
    In-Game Name: N/A

    Crimes Committed: Inciting a Leave Train

    Your Account Name: kildja
    Summary: Lobby loads. Player immediately types "I AM NOT INSTIGATING A LEAVE TRAIN" and then proceeds to start a leave train of 4 people total leaving which altered the balance of the game because cult had no conversion power so witch doc was helpless with mm's not attacking.

    AkiraKurusu Leave Train.SC2Replay
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    Re: AkiraKurusu: 1-S2-1-11957846

    ID Verification :

    AkiraKurusu 1-S2-1-11957846 Correct

    Summary :

    So this is PandaCA's current alt.

    Replay 1 :

    Lucio The Fat - #5 - Investigator

    He found a Survivor N1, didn't talk about it. Not gamethrowing.
    Found #1 to be Silencer N2, this time publicly revealed him.
    Found #8 to be Detective N3, decided to keep it for himself.
    Found #10 as a Citizen during N4 and wrote in D5's chat "10 came up as citizen" "he maybe GF". Not gamethrowing.
    However he could've proven and confirmed 8's claim on the stand, but didn't do it.
    He then just claimed at the moment 8 was about to be executed "he's detective" "calling it now", obviously way too late.
    Could have saved a "confirmed town" but no.

    Found #2 to be a Citizen, as previously claimed.
    He got audited in the same night (N5).
    He then believed 2 was witch and put it in as his only lw.
    Decided to push #2 and managed to lynch him on D7.
    He got a shot on N7.

    Overall he precipated Town's lose, leaving the game in a 3v1 (Auditor-DH-Surv vs Spy).

    Replay 2:

    Upon entering the game he instantly wrote "I AM NOT INSTIGATING A LEAVE TRAIN".
    And then left the game.
    His action lead to 4 other people leaving.
    One cultist and three townies went down that way.
    The game was severly affected as one of the leaver happened to be the only Cultist in the setup and ended up being a Town win.

    This account cannot be a main at all.

    Player Offenses :

    Leave Train
    Intentional Gamethrowing
    Smurfing (Ban Evasion)

    Previous Offenses :

    None on this account.

    Recommended Action :


    Additional Notes :

    Thanks for the reports !
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