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    1-S2-1-2429252 ChairmanMao

    Ayo, it's ya boy HentaiManOfPeace, aka 1-S2-1-2429252 ChairmanMao. I recently had to reformat my PC because I got some viruses from a hentai and lost my backups because I had to reformat twice.

    Account Name: ChairmanMao
    Account ID: #-S2-1-2429252
    Your Server: North America
    Approximate Points: ~15,000

    The last time I had a replay was when I reported Airdawg, which you can kindly find here:

    1-S2-1-1549644 Airdawg Aug 29 Report.SC2Replay

    Thank you.

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    Re: 1-S2-1-2429252 ChairmanMao

    Restored for +15806 points, +298 wins, +729 played, + achiev.
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