roast my track again pls

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    roast my track again pls

    Updated that EDM track I posted before based on a little feedback I got

    Tell me what you think
    FMX: fm Kevinpowers - Citizen (WIN)
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    I will go ahead and fuck this cat
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    yeah I'm not gonna sit around here analyzing the fucking particle fluctuations in the quantum foam or whatever the fuck trying to find shit on D1

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    Re: roast my track again pls

    Nice dog pic.
    That is all.
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    There are two wolves inside you. One is addicted to crack. The other one is also addicted to crack. You are addicted to crack.
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    Mallow are you really an anti vaxxer
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    Besides your lamp and your refridgerators, do you find anyone else suspicious?
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    God is a goofy loser.

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