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    Re: S-FM Scum Town 13p

    Quote Originally Posted by Mike View Post
    We only need 3 more to get the part started. When could you ever play mafia and fling flaming dog poo at someone you don’t like. Well here you can. Also imagine a Shaddy doctor who may or may not give infections when healing you. Where you get to claim scum day 1 and not be lynched for it. To openly be able to lynch anyone claiming Town. Only in Scum Town.

    3 more players and we rock and roll.

    There Fixed It For Ya.
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    Re: S-FM Scum Town 13p

    Quote Originally Posted by Kelli View Post
    I too have never played forum...let's go!
    Quote Originally Posted by Happymeal View Post
    very long time ago so I will have to get used to any formatting things and rules.
    Don't worry about it. If you don't know something, ask questions.

    I'm excited to play with you guys!
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    I will go ahead and fuck this cat

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    Re: S-FM Scum Town 13p

    Quote Originally Posted by TCP View Post
    I'll play.
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    Re: S-FM Scum Town 13p

    OK We have May have 1 or more anon accounts playing. This is not a Anon setup so com hunt all you want. I will not give up who the real players are even after game is over out of respect for the players. We also have a few players that are from Video Mafia joining us as well. I will say I am the one who made the S-FM account So I may have changed the password and given it to another player.
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