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    Quote Originally Posted by Huey The Long View Post
    Naz will die, i can promise you this, i visited there home, i shared the wealth, placed my book on their nightstand and said every man a king 3 times so they will die from my glorious contagion of my political program
    Quote Originally Posted by Blinkstorteddd02 View Post
    You sure you dont want to lynch Voss again? he may flip scum this time.
    Quote Originally Posted by Distorted View Post
    mags my highest townread and i think hes scum.
    Quote Originally Posted by Dark Magician View Post
    Yeah I donít read or care to that much. I just vote correctly and thatís that.

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    Re: New Dev Announcement!

    That was like 5:00 in Moscow. I awakened by screams under my window. I seen some fight, nearly 4-5 ppl involved. First thing I did is called police. I am glad that that was just some drunk idiots, noone hurted seriously or killed. But my sleep was broken. I lie down, but I cannot sleep again, my head was like cracked with hammer with this rude awakening. I went too see what's going on here. First thing I seen is 6 votes on Baker with 4 of them townie for me. I said for myself "fuck it" and eneded that shit, push my PC off and go back to sleep, while policemen packaged that drunk guys under my window. Then silence comes, I slept for 8 hours nearly after.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mentar View Post
    it's hard to disagree. it'd be nice not to see threads titled "niggers" every time i look at the recent posts page.



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