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    2500 Rolecards
    Role List

    Hidden Any

    Repeat ad infinitum.

    Days last 48 hours. Nights last 24 hours.
    The lynch type will be voted on by the players at the start of the game.
    Players may choose to reroll into a new role at night, foregoing any potential night ability they may have.
    Anyone may submit roles to the setup, even if they do not intend to sign up for the game.
    Do not submit a role that has been used in other KRC games before. Roles can be of any alignment, so please do not submit roles that only work for a few alignments.
    Other than that? Don't submit anything you wouldn't want used on yourself.

    Possible Factions
    Wincon: Eliminate the Mafia, the Triad, the Mob, the Cult, and all other evildoers.
    Mechanics: You do NOT know the identity of other faction members.
    Wincon: Eliminate the Town, the Triad, the Mob, the Cult, and all neutral killers.
    Mechanics: You have a factional nightkill and nightchat.
    Wincon: Eliminate the Town, the Mafia, the Mob, the Cult, and all neutral killers.
    Mechanics: You do NOT know the identity of other faction members.
    Wincon: Eliminate the Town, the Mafia, the Triad, the Cult, and all neutral killers.
    Mechanics: You have a factional 'blackmail' ability and a 24/7 chat.
    Wincon: Eliminate the Town, the Mafia, the Mob, the Triad, and all neutral killers.
    Mechanics: You have a factional conversion ability and a nightchat. You can only convert every two nights.
    Neutral Evil
    Wincon: Eliminate the Town. You must survive to the end of the game. If you have the ability to kill, you must eliminate the Mafia, the Triad, the Mob, and the Cult, as well as other neutral killers who do not have the same role as you.
    Mechanics: You have a passive immunity to detection, causing roles that would find you to be guilty or suspicious to instead receive feedback indicative of a Town alignment. You do NOT know the identity of other faction members.
    Neutral Benign
    Wincon: Survive to the end.
    Mechanics: You have a passive immunity to death at night (Advanced Defense). You do NOT know the identity of other faction members.


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    Re: 2.5krc

    As always. I'll start.
    Quote Originally Posted by Prince Benedict, Master of Arms
    Description: You are Prince Benedict, son of King Oberon of Amber and the greatest General and Warrior in the world. You have spent millennia honing your understanding of battle and your personal combat skills; often journeying from shadow to shadow to witness slightly different variations of the same battle to test your theories of warfare. There is no sane man who can go up against you unafraid of death.
    Ability: Go on alert at night. If anyone visits you, they will immediately die. Your ability pierces night immunity and roleblocks your target. Whilst on alert, you cannot die at night by any means.
    Ability 2: Once per game, challenge a player to a duel during the day. If they refuse, they will become of your alignment and lose all charges they previously had. If they accept, they will lose the ability to vote and be roleblocked for one night.
    Defense: Advanced (2)
    Mechanics: The first time you get lynched, the lynch fails. And instead lynches the last person to vote you.
    Quote Originally Posted by George Carlin
    George Carlin
    Description: You are George Carlin, a famous comedian well-known for your usage of foul language on stage.
    Ability: Roleblock a player at night. If they do not have a night ability, they will be forced to reroll into a new role and will target a random player that same night.
    Mechanics: You have to include one of the seven dirty words (shit, piss, fuck, cunt, cocksucker, motherfucker, tits) in your every post. If you break this rule you will immediately die.
    Defense: Basic
    Quote Originally Posted by Sir Lysander
    Sir Lysander
    Description: You are Sir Lysander, a pretender to the throne of Axeoth and, unbeknownst to all, the true successor of King Nicholas Gryphonheart.
    Ability: If you have the Gryphonheart Blade, publicly reveal yourself as Lysander and pick two players to become your squires. Squires have the extra wincon of seeing you survive to the end of the game; in addition, each Squire can, once per game, choose to attract all who would visit you to their house instead, forcing all your visitors to target them.
    Mechanics: At the start of the game, a random player will receive the Gryphonheart Blade. You will be able to check a player to determine if they have the Gryphonheart Blade; lynching the player who possesses the Blade will immediately grant you the Sword. You cannot win until you attain the Gryphonheart Blade.
    Defense: Basic
    Quote Originally Posted by Sam
    Description: You are Siddharta Gautama 'Mahamsamatman', otherwise known as Sam. You are revered by the people for your struggle against the Gods and for your famed chaining of the Demons of the planet in the Pit of Hell in legendary times. Unbeknownst to most, you are one of the First, crew member of the colony ship Star of India, which landed on the planet millennia ago.
    Ability: If you are dead, possess a player, displacing their soul and taking over their account. Possession will fail if your target's defense value is above advanced.
    Ability 2: If you are alive, direct your electromagnetic energies to target a player, strengthening their flames and allowing them to survive death. The next time someone dies, the player whose flames you strengthened will instead take over their account. You can only do this once per game.
    Defense: Basic
    Quote Originally Posted by That One Dude
    That One Dude
    Description: You're that one shitty, creepy dude everyone knows. You order pizza at 6AM, waking up everyone in the house, with absolutely no regrets. You never clean the toilet or take the trash out. In short: you're a trashbag that everyone wishes didn't exist but unfortunately does. You didn't even intend on coming to this here town but you did anyway. Why? Because the one constant in this universe is you. You're everywhere. Everyone knows you.

    Ability: Order pizza, having it arrive tomorrow during the day. Everyone in the game will be informed of your delivery. A random selection of 25% of all players in the game will neither carry out their ability nor be able to reroll. This bypasses any other special mechanics involving rerolls or forced abilities. Everyone else will wake up with a severe headache and will be forced to speak in garbled sentences for the first 24 hours.

    Special Mechanics: Players who target you will be horrified by the state of your room and refuse to go inside.
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    Re: 2.5krc

    And our favourite gamethrowers, hackers and trolls:
    Quote Originally Posted by DrDavidDuke

    Description: You are DrDavidDuke, the Greatest Menace to the world of Sc2Mafia and a long-time hacker of various Sc2Maf arcade games. How did you get into this game? We need to update the firewall again...

    Ability 1: Target a player at night, learning their role, who they visited, who they were visited by, their night feedback, their last will, alignment and IP address.
    Ability 2: Hack the game and talk at night, addressing everyone in the game.
    Ability 3: Rewrite one sentence in a rolecard of your choosing.

    Mechanics: You are immune to detection and appear to be an inactive member of the town to
    investigators. This applies even if you are town.

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    Re: 2.5krc

    Coalition Commander

    You are a high ranking official in the Coalition army, in charge of the acquisition of system CC-104, rich in gold, for the Coalition. As a result you have access to a large amount of Coalition resources.

    Passive: Management
    You can are not seen to visit or be visiting another play when making night actions. Instead, you send your underlings to do it for you.

    You may do two actions per night from the following list of actions. Using an item takes an action instead. You may not do the same action twice.

    Gain a charge on a limited charge ability, or give a charge to all of another player's abilities. This does NOT give charges to items.

    Item Drop
    You may call in an item drop for yourself or another player. If you are attacked on the night you use an item drop on yourself, your attacker will take the item. If you send items to another player, and they are attacked, you will receive the item instead.
    You may pick from one of the following items, or get two random items from the list.:
    Heavy Pistol: One use night kill.
    Heavy Scanner: One use agent (Watch a player and see who they visit and who visits them)
    Auto Shotgun: Go on alert, killing everyone who visits you. Does not pierce night immunity.
    Constructor: One use heal + roleblock. Cannot self target.
    Cluster Grenade: One use mass murderer (Kills target and all his visitors, but only if he has visitors)
    Disarmer: One use steal a player's items

    Napalm Strike
    Kill a player at night.
    If any players who visit that player are doused, they are ignited.
    One charge.

    Diplomatic Movements
    You may establish a day chat with a player for the next day.
    If you are both in the same non-town faction, you instead gain a permanent chat for the rest of the game.
    One charge.
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    How dare you send me another box of cereal
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    congrats you're an inspiration to pedophiles everywhere
    Hopefully you'll get banned and hit by a truck.

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    Re: 2.5krc

    Mr. Noone

    You are noone in particular. The host must give you between 1 and 3 abilities; he will pick these abilities himself. May God have mercy upon your soul.
    Spoiler : Quotes :
    Quote Originally Posted by S-FM Hey peter View Post
    There are two wolves inside you. One is addicted to crack. The other one is also addicted to crack. You are addicted to crack.
    Quote Originally Posted by Stealthbomber16 View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by BananaCucho View Post
    Mallow are you really an anti vaxxer
    Quote Originally Posted by The Lawyer View Post
    Besides your lamp and your refridgerators, do you find anyone else suspicious?
    Quote Originally Posted by Renegade View Post
    God is a goofy loser.

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    Re: 2.5krc

    Quote Originally Posted by Oberon, King of Amber
    Description: You are Oberon, liege lord of Amber and its rightful king. You possess a preternatural understanding of Order and, as a son of Chaos, having walked the Logrus in ancient times, have the ability to shapeshift at will, like the rest of the Chaosites. You disappeared several decades ago from Amber in search of a Magical Artifact that turned out not to exist - a fraud engineered by parties unknown. After languishing in a dark cell at the other end of the world for several years, you escaped and went into hiding in this Shadow Kingdom of Lorraine. You came across one of Prince Corwin's old frenemies - Ganelon, outlaw-turned-General-turned-traitor - and killed him, taking on his identity and appearance as Protector and Regent of Lorraine. You now rule in this modest Kingdom, biding your time until Corwin inevitably strolls through this Shadow.

    Passive: You are immune to any and all abilities that could modify your rolecard, or abilities.
    Passive: You cannot be roleblocked.
    Passive: You cannot reroll into a new role.
    Ability 1: Shapeshift during the night, changing your physical appearance and altering your physical attributes. You may:
    a) Make yourself taller, lowering your defense value but finding out who visited you at night.
    b) Make yourself shorter, gaining the ability to hide behind a player at night.
    c) Grow wings, gaining the ability to leave the town at night, becoming completely immune to all night actions.
    d) Disguise yourself as a player. If they die, you will swap accounts with them; you will appear as dead in the Graveyard, with them flipping their own role, but with your (old) account's name.
    Ability 2: Use the Jewel of Judgment to change the weather at your discretion. You may:
    a) Call a terrible thunderstorm. There is a 33% chance a random player who is not you will be struck by lightning. Players who are struck by lightning have their Defense Value reduced by 2 for that night. Players with a defense value lower than 1 at the end of the night will die.
    b) Summon mist. This will disable all lookout/detective-style abilities for that night.
    Ability 3: Use the Jewel of Judgment to project yourself into a player's room, bypassing any passive abilities they may have that get triggered when someone visits them. You may optionally attack them.

    Mechanics: The game cannot end whilst you are still alive.
    Mechanics: Using the Jewel of Judgment X days in a row (where X > 1) lowers Defense Value (in total) by X. This eventually kills you if you do not stop. Defense Value recovers by one every day after you've stopped using the Jewel of JUdgment.

    Wincon: If the Princes of Amber are in game, ensure that they survive to the end. If any of them die at any point, ensure that their killers are dead by the end of the game.
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