{Permanently Banned} Monkinater: 1-S2-1-5729532 AND Knack: 1-S2-1-11803980

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    Monkinater: 1-S2-1-5729532 AND Knack: 1-S2-1-11803980

    Account Name: Monkinater, Knack
    Account ID: 1-S2-1-5729532, 1-S2-1-11803980
    In-Game Name: (swastikas) Adolf Hitler (swastikas), Traps are NOT GAY
    Crimes Committed: Game throwing and role quitting

    Your Account Name: Altectech

    Summary: Other than obvious trolling as Adolf Hitler, I jailed him n1 and asked for his role, he refused to tell me and said "execute me bitch" I told him I didn't want to just give me a role. He didn't respond so I had to execute. He was detective. In response to this, Traps are NOT GAY (Knack) didn't like that his mentor Adolf Hitler had been executed and promptly left the game, and even said that that was why he was leaving, when this was discovered Day 2. His role was Witch.

    Doing these reports because I see this type of behavior regularly and it is making the quality of these games really shit.

    I'd like to add that anytime Knack is host he hosts troll saves that are unstable with 35% failure rates.
    -Mafia- (253).SC2Replay

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    Knack: 1-S2-1-11803980

    Account Name: Knack
    Account ID: 1-S2-1-11803980
    In-Game Name: N/A

    Your Account Name: Altectech

    Summary: If you're not aware of this by now, Knack has for the past few weeks has been joining Mafia games, begging for host to use his save (which is highly unstable and purposefully trolling), if he doesn't get his save he leaves the game. He does this nearly every game. He will then host a new game since he just left a fresh one, and is able to then be host where he proceeds to try to host his troll save again. If he gets repicked off his save at the start of the game, he leaves the game again and repeats the process. I already reported a game of such a case, this is him doing it again. He sometimes doesn't do it if you call him out for it and threaten to report before the game starts. He will usually kick those people while in the lobby though. I'm getting tired of this shit.
    -Mafia- (306).SC2Replay

    EDIT: I'm just gonna add the games that occur after the last one I posted that he incites a leave train again: This just occurred -Mafia- (307).SC2Replay (in this one he leaves again after his friend, Monkinater (another troll) gets killed night 1. Not sure if he left due to that, or if he had already planned on leaving the game and inciting another leave train, as he usually does. This time it worked and Knack successfully ruined the game. Went to host another lobby with his troll save again. -Mafia- (307).SC2Replay
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    Re: Monkinater: 1-S2-1-5729532 AND Knack: 1-S2-1-11803980

    ID Verification :

    Monkinater 1-S2-1-5729532 Correct
    Knack 1-S2-1-11803980 Correct

    Summary :

    First of all, Monkinater is on the clan named KEYSTN (and so is PandaCA, currently permabanned).

    Replay (253)

    Monkinater names himself "[triple h cross] Adolf Hitler [triple h cross]" and rolls the #2 slot as a Detective.
    Knack names himself "Traps are NOT GAY" and rolls the #10 slot as a Witch.

    Monkinater got killed N1 in Jail, Knack says D2 "IF YOU DON'T SUPPORT GASSING THE JEWS I DON'T WANNA BE HERE" and leaves the game.

    Replay (306)

    Altectech is host an initializes a 9-3-2-1 save.
    Altectech and Knack are taunting each other.
    Knack : "REMAKE BOYS" "HIS SAVE IS TROLL SAVE" "TROLL SAVE INCOMING" and then left the game.

    Replay (307)

    Monkinater names himself "Knack Anonymous" and rolls the #13 slot as a Coroner.
    Knack names himself "Trayvon Martin" and rolls the #7 slot as a Jailor.
    Monkinater gets shot N1 by DH, Knack then says D2 "OKAY FUCK THIS" and left the game.

    Player Offenses :

    Monkinater : Name Abuse

    Knack : Smurfing (Ban Evasion)

    Previous Offenses :

    Monkinater : None

    Knack : SMURF

    Recommended Action :

    Monkinater : WLx2

    Knack : Permaban

    Additional Notes :

    Monkinater name abused. Preventive WL.
    Knack = PandaCA.
    Account created on late October 2020.
    Ban evasion.
    They are probably not skyping though.
    Thanks for the report !
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    MM Magoroth and Distorted are the 3 baddies
    just like Agrael Acriel and Auwt being the original 3 baddies
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    MafiaZ and Skwirl its all a repeat of history
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    I havnt seen a mafiaz member in a long time. I think they're dead.
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    Screw you I actually have more grudges towards the people who have their names start with A

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    Re: Monkinater: 1-S2-1-5729532 AND Knack: 1-S2-1-11803980

    Hello, I'd like to know why exactly I'm banned? I don't actually know who this panda guy is though I do remember this conversation with TomBombadil about this guy named panda, then everyone called panda a retard, and I only started saying traps aren't gay because Monkinator was saying it and told me watch really weird japanese anime.

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    Re: Monkinater: 1-S2-1-5729532 AND Knack: 1-S2-1-11803980

    Quote Originally Posted by mikeu1 View Post
    You wish to appeal? Mods, move this thread to the appeal process. Don't worry, your response means a lot to the team...
    well he already made a new account and asked for a whitelist lol
    Have you ever heard the tragedy of Darth Jar Jar the wise?



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