I hate nosebleeds

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    Re: I hate nosebleeds

    Quote Originally Posted by Plotato View Post
    Lets go my nigga stevie its another day of success for no fap. Day 2. It started going pretty well until i had the biggest urge in my life i was watching funny gaming videos until i got a message from an e girl i messaged on ifunny about 14 years ago. “Oh god i was so horny back then” why did she respond now? Holy guacamole its a picture of her nose bleeding. My cock throbbed so hard. I slid my hand into my under armour size 33 shorts and i started doing the unholy. 10 minutes after an intense orgasm i paused and realized something. She saw my bio where i said i have a nosebleed fetish and im going on no fap. She fucking teased me that fucking slutty bitch. She made me relapse. This is the furthest ive ever gotten in nofap. I told her that she ruined my nofap journey. She pulled the most e girl move ever and said this: aww im sowwy daddy i wuv you i didnt know you wew on nofap. I gotta admit she got me. i got really hard i love baby sex talk. Its pretty hot. I asked for more nosebleed pics she gave me her twitch. In her streams she drills her nose so hard that it starts bleeding while she is playing pixel gun 3d, A classic multiplayer shooter. I was proud of my self i told mom and she later blocked me and called me a cuck. What ever fuck that bitch shes just a degenerate with no good taste.
    Sam hyde be like

    Quote Originally Posted by Mentar View Post
    it's hard to disagree. it'd be nice not to see threads titled "niggers" every time i look at the recent posts page.



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