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    CorvoAttano: 1-S2-2-95833

    Account Name: CorvoAttano
    Account ID: 1-S2-2-95833
    In-Game Name: I secretly love Allah

    Crimes Committed: Gamethrowing

    Your Account Name: yodaddy
    Summary: Corvo rolls Marshall in slot #3. Gets jailed n1 and claims Judge, Jailor lets him live.

    Day 2 he lights up one of his executions and lynches two town. After that he leaves the game along with a Bodyguard.

    Town could've still won and they did because of the vigilante/amnesiac. Marshall still had 2nd execution and had a bodyguard guarding him. No reason to leave the game and leave town for dead. No excuse.

    Replay: Corvo Throw.SC2Replay

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    Re: CorvoAttano: 1-S2-2-95833

    ID Verification :

    CorvoAttano 1-S2-2-95833 Correct

    Summary :

    CorvoAttano rolls the #3 slot as the Marshall.
    N1 : jailed, claimed judge. (Jailor : 100%, Interrogator 20,5%)
    Survivor, and a cleaned townie died that night.
    D2 : reveals as Marshall, the Jailor #2 pm him saying he was the one jailing him.
    Corvo decides to lynch him. #9 claimed Lookout (with a reverse Lookout lw), Corvo made him lynched.
    Turned out both #2 and #9 were town.
    N2 : Corvo left the game in the early N2, and so did the BG #11.

    Game was still playable, even with the mislynch.
    Has the game outcome been modified ? No, a god Vigilante carried Town very hard, and Amnesiac turned Jailor.

    Player Offenses :

    Reactionary Gamethrowing

    Previous Offenses :

    Name Abuse (August 2020)
    Soliciting Donations (September 2017)

    Recommended Action :


    Additional Notes :

    Thanks for the report !
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