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    Account Name:CrimsonFcker
    Account ID: 1-S2-1-4421977
    Your Server:North America
    Approximate Points: 10560

    I kind of stopped playing in 2017
    I live in a new apartment with a completely new laptop and started playing again.
    I can pull up in match history previous games with people like omegasaur, hybrid, blinkskater, dryster, sugoiidesu, devyn, psionic, scvmurderer, incubus to name a few. If anyone has a replay I'd appreciate it.

    Edit: Just saw I posted a replay in 2017 for a contest, going to try to download it off the forum and see if I can fix it

    Got the replay @
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    Re: CrimsonFcker

    the most recent replay in the database is from october 15, 2017 and has you with

    10365 points, 180 wins, 381 games played + achievements.

    So you are approved for that. If you want more points then we'll need a more recent replay.

    To complete your restore you'll need to meet with an admin in-game. Best bet is to join our discord and use the @point restore tag.
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