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    JDogg: 1-S2-1-1098731

    Account Name: JDogg
    Account ID: 1-S2-1-1098731
    In-Game Name: Mom

    Crimes Committed: Game-throwing.

    Your Account Name: kildja
    Summary: When voted up on the stand instead of claiming Mason Leader and showing lw, yelled at town for putting them up in the first place. I don't think town would have lynched if he had claimed instead of blaming people. And honestly, this is probably a very mild case of gamethrowing, but in graveyard chat, he kept accusing everyone else of gamethrowing, not seeming to realize that he had any share of the blame. This really bothered me, so I thought I should go ahead and report it.

    Throwing - JDogg.SC2Replay
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    Re: JDogg: 1-S2-1-1098731

    I can confirm that he did complain that everyone else was game throwing in dead chat as I was in this game too!

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    Re: JDogg: 1-S2-1-1098731

    ID Verification :

    JDogg 1-S2-1-1098731 Correct

    Summary :

    JDogg names himself "Mom" and rolls the #1 slot as the Mason Leader
    N1, Failed to recruit/purge #9.
    N2, Failed to recruit/purge #10
    D3, "I guarentee 15 is evil" "but I'm just Mom what do i know"
    N3, Purged successfully #15 who was Cultist.
    D4, "I think 9 is evil now" (9 already dead, he meant 8 and vote him)
    Switched his vote to aim #2 who followed the vote on #8.
    He then got upvoted here is his defense :
    Spoiler : Defense :

    "you killed your own mother
    instead of 9 and 2
    i was right about 15
    but still
    You killed your Mom
    I love you son"

    Lot of people called him out thrower, including death chat.

    While in dead chat :
    Spoiler : Dead chat :

    "doesn't matter" (replying to "this has gotta be an mm win, right"--#14)
    "everyone is so dumb"
    "yeah report me, im going to report town for voting me up"
    "because town is gamethrowing for lynching ML"
    He then started to push #8 for lynching him.
    "u fucking retards"
    "punch yourself in the mouth"
    "thats how fucking stupid you are"
    "that's cause your a fucking retard"
    Pushed #8 once again for his lw, then called him gamethrower
    "why did you vote up 1 the Mason Leader"
    People tried to tell him he should've claimed, because no one couldve known this
    JDogg answered "fuck yourself"

    No one could have known what role he was. Never claimed anything, even when put up.
    Pushing in dead chat about the whole town gamethrowing.

    Player Offenses :

    Intentional Gamethrowing

    Previous Offenses :


    Recommended Action :


    Additional Notes :

    Annoying comments to Town, while he was clearly the one gamethrowing right here.
    Thanks for the report !
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