7/31 Interest Thread

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    7/31 Interest Thread

    Hey all,

    Looking to see if there's interest in me hosting another game on July 31st Friday 4pm PST. I'll recruit in the discord if I get 5 signs!

    Also, taking suggestions for setup recommendations.


    1. Voss
    2. MartinGG99
    3. Ash
    4. Naz
    5. Unknown1234
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    FM XVII: Bonney Jewelry (Journalist)
    FM XVIII: Kalou (Savage Godfather)
    FM XX: Joseph Bertrand (Marshall)
    FM XXI: USA (Escort)
    FM XV: Whiskey (Whore)

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    Re: 7/31 Interest Thread

    Sign me the fuck UP

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    Re: 7/31 Interest Thread

    Spoiler : Forum Mafia :

    FM VI: Ash (Sinner) FM VII: Glen (Drug Dealer) FM VIII: Liane (Vigilante) FM IX: Andrei (Reserved Proletarian) FM X: fm Deathfire123 (Modkilled Blacksmith) FM XI: Corki (Citizen) FM XIII: Phoebe (Bodyguard) FM XIV: Helena (Grave Robber) FM XV: FM Pikachu (Mayor) FM XVI: FM Master Chef (Escort)

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    Re: 7/31 Interest Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by SuperJack View Post
    What time is this in english?
    Search Results

    4:00 PM Wednesday, Pacific Time (PT) is
    11:00 PM Wednesday, Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)
    Quote Originally Posted by Ganelon View Post
    @Stealthbomber16 is Light scum this game?
    you said heís more passive aggressive as scum
    Quote Originally Posted by deathworlds View Post
    Uh, SB16 isn't a part of this game
    Hopefully you'll get banned and hit by a truck.

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    Re: 7/31 Interest Thread

    You cannot post Countdown Timers

    ah so 12ammy time cool
    edit: what the fuck

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    Re: 7/31 Interest Thread

    If u get oops or ash to msg me on Snapchat and Iím not at work Iíll be there
    I love oops

    Spoiler : :


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    Re: 7/31 Interest Thread

    I should be able to make it for this time.
    Quote Originally Posted by Mesk514 View Post
    1-I really and truly believe @Unknown1234 is town. He stuck by me when I needed him
    Quote Originally Posted by Gyrlander View Post
    Wow, this game was really easy. I just had to talk dumb shit to survive some days more. :P
    Quote Originally Posted by Mike View Post
    If sheriff cleared you honestly I would take him out of my town core and put him as scum.

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    Re: 7/31 Interest Thread

    I fucked up, I actually have work at that time LOL
    sorry, canít participate unfortunately

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