Anomaly#11388 - 1-S2-1-4859550 (Rin)

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    Anomaly#11388 - 1-S2-1-4859550 (Rin)

    Account Name: Anomaly#11388
    Account ID: 1-S2-1-4859550
    Your Server: North America
    Approximate Points: 17000

    I just got back playing after 5 years and have since destroyed/replaced my SSD and lost all of my information.

    Thanks for the help!

    Here is a link to an older point restore request I had. I stopped playing shortly after. not sure if this helps.

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    Re: Anomaly#11388 - 1-S2-1-4859550 (Rin)

    Are you really not this guy:
    (he goes by souleater on bnet).. Small world I guess.

    Anyway, I can actually approve you for a little more than that which I found in the database.

    Approved for 17759 points, 444 wins, 1036 games played + achievements

    To complete your restore you'll need to meet up with an admin in-game. Your best bet is to join our discord and use the @point restore tag
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