{Permanently Banned} MrCuckStache 1-S2-1-11523414

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    MrCuckStache 1-S2-1-11523414

    MrCuckStache 1-S2-1-11523414
    Crimes: Smurfing

    No gamethrowing happens in this replay. But this guy seems to have.... a unique name.
    His bank is hacked for sure. And his match history consists of very few games, some of which he joins alone (to check if he gets autokicked).
    It's heavily implied he is a smurf of someone who was permanently banned.

    -Mafia- (254).SC2ReplaySmurf.png
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    Re: MrCuckStache 1-S2-1-11523414

    Crime: Bank hacking, smurf/ban-evasion
    Rec: Permaban

    History: None..
    Summary: His bank is clearly hacked: cuckstache.PNG
    (IE: 2/3 as many points as mostache but not even 1/3 as many games played... plus a brand new account ID)

    His bnet name is obviously meant to mock Mostache and he chooses a colored name to mock Mostache's usual color-name. Mocking people is not a crime, but all of this screams of a smurf of somebody that was already banned.

    He also speaks in german the whole time.
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