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    State of the Beta 2

    Hi Everyone,

    I've been meaning to write another update for a couple of weeks now which should speak volumes about how volatile of a time we're currently living in. I've gotten a few messages on discord expressing concern about the project because they hadn't seen any notable pushes in a while.
    I'll let @Frinckles speak to his own account but I know that the global issue we find ourselves in with the pandemic really did mess with a lot of things.

    We launched the beta around about the time it was getting underway and we had most of it done up to that point and were able to really crunch down and push it out in like a intense 2 week period which followed with some pretty rapid triage updating.
    During the launch window I was also deployed by my work to another site so I wasn't on hand to test a lot of the other things we had going in the back end; since then my workload has been extremely all over the place. For context, I work as a frontline medical scientist in a regional center outside of major metropolitan areas - and so we needed to rapidly adapt to this whole pandemic situation and deploy a bunch of different testing regimes out. This involves laboratory sites multiple hours apart by car and even when I dont need to travel, being as under resourced as I'mn sure most places are right now trying to hold together a 24/7 roster as well as ensure normal life things dont just break apart has been taking up most of my time so currently I don't have any real R&R time I can spend on a volunteer project.

    I do want to dispel the rumor that the feedback we got like burnt us out so we quit or something, quite the reverse actually - the huge support we got when we launched was nothing short of incredible and it far exceeded the expectations we had going in knowing how rough around the edges it was. I do hope in the coming months we can reconvene and reset out a timeline for update pushes as there were some areas that Frinckles does need some pretty targeting back end testing on which has been blocking some of his work to keep moving with fixing up the beta issues. I don't have any real update on balance or anything like that because for the same reasons above I haven't really been keeping tabs on how games are going.

    Thanks again for continuing to support Mafia and it's development. Hopefully I can update you again in the near future when we're back at some kind of regular cadence .

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