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    bodhisattva 1-S2-1-1189120

    mrmodstache and girlander please stay away you ignore all my reports because of your grudge.

    name abuse

    Account Name: bigballsmcgg + bodhisattva
    Account ID: s2-1-6702946 + s2-1-1189120
    In-Game Name: mayor +mayor

    Crimes Committed: confuses town and takes advantage of the situation NAME ABUSE

    Your Account Name: yesitsme


    9 bodhisattva and 14 bigballsmcgg
    takes same name (mayor) same color (green).
    14 is marshall and when reveal is mistaken by some with 9 who is sheriff,
    then some pm 9 instead of 14 ... who knows if 9 was evil what happen.
    at different moment of the game 9 takes advantage of the situation
    and claim marshall.

    9 and 14 get same name same color and confuse town.SC2Replay
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    Re: bigballsmcgg s2-1-6702946 bodhisattva s2-1-1189120

    bodhisattva 1-S2-1-1189120

    It's hard to tell who usually uses the name, but Bodh is the second person who uses the name, so he gets blamed for the name-abuse.

    Name Abuse
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