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    Guy's Misc Roles and Suggestions Episode 4, Order of the Pheonix

    This is Guy's Miscellanous Role suggestions. Any Roles you can think up, any catchy interations or just your crackpot theories should be dumped Here.

    Bartender; Neutral Benign
    Ability: Roleblock one person at night.
    If there is a lynch during the day, your ability is unavailable.
    "You decided to keep the bar closed for the night to lay low."
    Objective; Successfully roleblock 3 people. Gains a 1 shot immune after completing objective.
    Target is killed in a shootout if they attempt to target BT while immune.
    "Instead of visiting your target, you decided to hit the bar. You were intoxicated!"
    "You earned enough money to hire a security guard!"
    "You went to kill [Target], but a bodyguard blocks your path!”
    Roleblocks needed for Bartender win 3/4 - Off/On

    Prophet; Cult Alignment
    Ability: acts as the GF/DH for the Cult. Can only be healed by a WD. Can talk with the Cult at night. Cannot be roleblocked. Must wait a day before converting.
    When a Prophet targets a Mason Leader, or vice versa, they both will die.
    When a Prophet targets a regular Mason, the Mason will learn name of the Prophet.
    Achievement: Duel of the Fates: As a Mason Leader/Prophet, Target a Prophet/Mason Leader and die in glorious battle. 200p.

    (Frinkles made a post suggesting a mass suicide of the cult following the death of the Prophet/Cult Leader, which sounds sorta balanced with WD)

    Tree; Town Alignment
    Ability: Cannot Vote. Cannot Talk. This role is created by an auditor auditing a Stump.
    Objective Win with the Town.
    (Used for banning purposes, or spammers, or an achievement)
    Achievement: Archdruid; As an auditor, audit a Stump. 175 p.
    Achievement: Entwood: Become one with nature. 175 p.
    "You are a Tree, and cannot talk."

    Pimp; Neutral Evil
    Ability: Convert one person at night into a Hooker.
    The Pimp can only convert a Citizen, Scumbag, Escort, or Consort.
    Must wait 1 day between successful conversion.
    May win with any group except Town and Cult.

    Hooker; Neutral Evil
    Ability; Role-block one person at night.
    Can only be created by a Pimp.
    May win with any group except Town and Cult.

    Phoenix Neutral Evil
    Objective: Stay Alive. // Objective: See your killer loose the game.
    Ability: Upon death, the Phoenix is Resurrected. Their new goal is to see their target die, either by lynching or other means.
    The Phoenix acts as a wildcard for the town, or a counterbalance for the mafia. The Phoenix is designed to be workable into either team, having "single immunity" with the benefit of switching teams at "random"
    The resurrection notification can either be a sound at night, or a notification for the town in the morning.
    "You hear the cackle of flames, and the cries of something inhuman...."
    "The Phoenix has Resurrected!"

    Assassin Neutral Evil
    Description: An elite killer for hire.
    Objective: Kill your Target with your Client still alive.
    Abilities: You have a "target" and a "client", which are randomly selected from the pool of players. Night one is when your target and client are revealed to you.
    Every night you can check one house for your target and kill him
    The death description will be stated as "Their neck was found slit with no signs of struggle " OR "shot once in the head by a .50 cal." OR "He/She was poisoned."
    Attack ignores immunity
    The Assassin will leave the town (commit suicide) upon winning.
    Win Condition: Wins if the Assassin sees the target die while the client is still alive.
    Host Options:
    1). Must wait a night before assassin can search (default: On)
    2). Ignores invulnerability (Default: Off) (If ignores invulnerability is off then target cannot be passively invulnerable.)
    3). One night between searches (Default: Off)
    4). Searches both target's house and selected's house each night (Default: On)
    5). Mafia cannot be target (Default: On)
    6). Town cannot be client (Default: Off)
    Role interactions:
    Your target cannot be a veteran.
    Sheriff will see the assassin as not suspicious
    If the target is guarded by a bodyguard then the target will die regardless
    Cannot be converted by cult
    Wins with any group if allowed to, as long as win conditions are meet.
    Target cannot be the target of another assassin.
    Client cannot be another assassin.
    Client will not know who the assassin is.
    Target will be unaware an assassin is hunting him.

    (Suggested by Deathworlds)

    Protector; Neutral Benign (WORK IN PROGRESS)
    Objective; Keep [Target] alive at all costs.
    Ability: You are forced to visit your target each night. If your target is visited, you learn the names of who visited them, as well as who they visited.
    You are immune to Veteran attacks. You are not night immune. You cannot Whisper in game.

    If your target is attacked, they gain night immunity. You will not learn who attacked them. The attacker will learn who you are, N4 and beyond.
    After Three nights (N4), your targets role will be revealed to you. Attackers will also learn your role as seen above.
    If your target is killed, you will commit suicide the next night.
    You are not night immune, and can be Bussed, Burned, Witched, Roleblocked, and manipulated in other ways.
    For instance, if you are roleblocked, you will not save your target, and he will die. If you and your target are killed in the same night, he will be saved.

    "You went to kill your target, but they were protected by a shadowy individual."
    "You went to kill your target, but they were protected by a shadowy individual. You recognize him as [Protector's Name]!"
    "You noticed an intruder, but they seemed harmless, and talked you down."
    "You are overcome with grief." - Message given at night upon failure.
    "You are hesitant to conspire." - Message given at attempt to whisper. (like BM message)
    Protector dies upon failure - Off/On (becomes Jester instead.)
    Target is always Town On/Off
    Target is never Mafia/Triad On/Off

    Lawyer; Town Alignment (support?) (WORK IN PROGRESS)
    Ability: Visit one person at night. If they are a Neutral, you will learn their role. If they are a Mafia/Triad, you will instead be killed. If you target a Townie, you will not learn their role.
    This role is created from an Auditor auditing an Elector.
    Objective: see the Town win the game. Wins ties over Neutrals.
    Very Loosey role, requires last wills to be enabled in order to function properly, open for suggestions

    Criminal; Neutral Evil (WORK IN PROGRESS)
    Ability: none
    Objective: See the town loose the game. Rebrand for Scumbag.
    (i wanted to flesh out Scumbag, simply because i feel like its a little hollow)

    Attorney; Town Alignment
    Ability; May reveal his role to the town. Gains an extra vote.
    Just a template town role. i liked the name attorney.
    If the Elector is killed, the Attorney gains an extra vote.
    The Attorney has highlighted chat during court.
    The Attorney has an extra vote during Trials.
    A citizen with 1 or 2 extra votes.

    Suggested by

    Preacher: Town Government
    Ability: You can talk at night to your Disciples. The Disciples identity is anonymous to you, and vice versa.
    Acts as a replacement for Citizen, since Citizen is useless at the moment in current meta.
    Disciple: Town Government
    Ability: You can talk at night with the other Disciples and Preacher.
    The Disciple is a town government role that replaces Citizen. They do not know who their fellow Disciples are, or the Preachers identity.

    Witchcraft : Your Target is skilled in the magical arts!
    Applicable to Enchantress, Oracle, Witch, and Witch Doctor. Post below if you have a suggestion for others.

    Just a few misc interactions:

    When a Escort/Consort roleblock an Auditor, they will be forcibly audited.
    "An individual approached you and occupied your night, however, they don't seem to be very frugal..."

    When auditing a Witch, they become an Enchantress.
    "You reported your target to the government for tax evasion, however they still are able to use magic! They must be an Enchantress."

    When auditing an Amnesiac, they remain an Amnesiac.
    "Your reported [target] to the government for tax evasion, but they've recently been hospitalized for head injury!"
    "A strange man approached you and informed you that you've been Audited. Luckily, you have no idea what that means."

    Auditor auditing a Stump:
    "An Auditor reported you for tax evasion, again! You decided to skip town, and hid your belongings in a Tree!"

    When a Prophet and Mason Leader collide at night, a special night sound:
    "The Earth quakes with the sounds of a epic battle..."

    Cult mass suicide night sound:
    "You hear the sounds of church bells ringing..."
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