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    The Eternal Conflict (13P)

    The Eternal Conflict

    From the depths of Hell, Satan has planned an invasion of Heaven.

    Intent behind the Setup
    The intent behind this setup is not to paralyze the site for months with a super long game that will be the only one hosted. It rather is to try a new game style, and to have a game running in the background while forum life continues. Players are expected to participate reasonably; the definition of "reasonably" is greatly affected by the phases' lenght. Not posting for a full real life day is perfectly acceptable if you're more busy that one day, but you're expected to be active at some other points in the game day. This game is perfect for those who would like to play FM, but who cannot dedicate enough time each real life day to a game.

    Role List

    TPR Angel
    TPR Angel
    Human Priest



    You are God, creator of the universe.
    You have a one-use day kill that you may use by PMing the Host at any time during the day; the kill is instantaneous in theory, although the Host will not always be there to make it actually instantaneous, of course. It does not interrupt or end the day. The target's flip is revealed at the end of the day. If the target had placed their vote, they must unvote without posting anything else. This pierces all immunity.

    Human Priest
    You are a devout, God-fearing priest who is caught in the crossfire between Heaven and Hell.
    While you are alive, you may communicate with the dead during the night in a QuickTopic chat. You may not post more than 7 times in that chat. You can pick your target only during the day. Unlimited charges.
    While you are dead, you may communicate with a specific person in a QuickTopic or Discord permanent chat (to be determined by the Host). No post number restrictions. Can be used at any time. One charge.
    You cannot be healed.

    You have the power of vote and discussion to serve the Lord, thy God. You would never be sinfully pretentious enough to request more powers than that, after all.

    Possible TPR Angels

    Angel Knight
    You are a loyal knight of Heaven's army.
    At night, you may attack a player with your holy might, killing them. Two charges; you lose all charges if you kill a town player. Cannot be used on night 1.

    Guardian Angel
    You are an angel who has mastered the art of healing.
    You may heal people at night with your holy light. Does not consume a charge if the target is not attacked. Can self-heal. Cannot target the same player twice in a row. Two charges.
    Your target is informed of having been successfully healed. You are not informed of having successfully healed someone. You are informed of having been successfully healed if you self-heal.

    Counsellor Angel
    You are an old, experienced angel tasked with helping a creation of God.
    During the day, you may select a player. You will be able to communicate with them every night as long as you are alive. One charge.

    Soul Probe Angel
    You are an angel gifted with the ability of detecting the power of the Creation in beings of divine essence.
    At night, you may check a player to know if they are vanilla (Angel/Demon) or powerful (God, Town Power Role/Satan, Lucifer). Two charges.

    You are Satan, Evil Incarnate.
    At night, you may corrupt an Angel (i.e. a town-aligned player), dissolving its divine essence after a day. The target will die at the end of the next night, and knows it as soon as the day starts. God is immune to this. This is not affected by the Guardian Angel's ability. Two charges, even night use only.
    At night, you may create a Portal to Hell at a living player's door (yes, even angels and demons have houses). Anyone who visits your target will die. Your target is unaffected. Can be healed. One charge.
    You may only use one ability per night.

    You are the Prince of Hell, heir of Satan.
    If Satan dies while you are alive, you will become Satan. You inherit of the amount of charges on his abilities he had at the moment of his death (if he had none, you get none).
    As long as you are alive, both Satan and the Demon are immune to night attacks.
    You are immune to night attacks.

    You are a servant of Satan.
    You have the power of voting. Cunglatutashunz.

    1. Satan
    2. Soul Probe Angel
    3. Angel Knight
    4. Guardian Angel

    Win Conditions
    God & Angels: Eliminate Satan and the Demons.
    Satan & Demons: Obtain a majority of the votes or having nothing preventing you from doing so.

    Days last 3 weeks. Nights last 72 hours. That's a big part of the game's uniqueness.
    Scum have a factional kill, which is considered as an ability, and a permanent chat. They know eachother at the start of the game. They retain access to their permanent chat when they die, and the scum are allowed to ask them to say things there...
    Lynch is plurality + majority.
    Skipping days is forbidden. That's right, you shouldn't ever need to skip in this game lol.
    TPRs aren't unique (in other words, there can be more than one Guardian Angel, more than one Warrior Angel, etc.); God, Satan, Lucifer and the Priest are however unique.
    The dead chat is in a Discord server. There are to be no spoilers.

    Forum Mafia Rules (link) apply.
    The Host reserves the right to replace or modkill any player for any reasonable reason.
    You are expected to have reasonable participation in this game. The Host determines what is reasonable activity and what isn't. You should ideally try to chime in every real life day, although you won't be scolded if you miss a single real life day; that's part of the point of the setup.
    As town, you are encouraged to remain up to date with the game even when you are dead (for Human Priest purposes).
    Out of game communication (OGC) is strictly forbidden. Any form of talk about the game that is not on host-approved communication ways (game thread, night chat, QuickTopics, etc.) is OGC. This includes communication with the dead.
    Refrain from personal attacks. Severe or repeated personal attacks will be met with force replacements, at the Host's discretion.

    Added "Intent behind the Setup".
    Gave scum a permanent chat.
    Replaced a Demon with Lucifer.
    Added some lore.
    Clarified some rolecards.
    Added "As town, you are encouraged to remain up to date with the game even when you are dead (for Human Priest purposes)." in Commandments.
    Made the Human Priest unhealable to avoid a "follow the medium" strategy.

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