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Thread: glitch/bug?

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    -Mafia- (258).SC2Replay

    Found a bug/glitch maybe?

    I'm 12, lookout
    2 is Mason Leader

    I lookout on 6, and see that 2 visited him.
    someone says: sheriff n1:6(SK)
    7 says: lo n1- 6 vb 2 and 12

    How did 7 know who visited 6 without it telling me that he also visited?
    7 was audited n1

    So if you visit someone n1 and are audited, your action still happens but the visit isn't shown to other players, which is odd

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    Re: glitch/bug?

    Framer. It's always framer.

    N1, Framer visits 7.

    To clarify, when you look at the framer POV, you see the following message "You framed your target............. while visiting Not Gov"

    Now "Not Gov" is the name of 7, but is colored yellow. This means that 7 will show up as if he is visiting 5.
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