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    Forum Mafia Starter Pre-Signups

    This is where we will collect new starters. To see if we can gather enough to have a game with Starters.
    To show your interest in playing Forum Mafia, please post "/sign" below.

    Hello new people and welcome to the Sc2Mafia Forum Mafia! I wish you all the best, and if you have any questions feel free to ask me.

    If you fancy a read here are some detailed guides some of the veterans have made in the past:
    New FM Player's Guide
    Wiki Page (Quickie)
    Helz's Guide to Improving As A Player (Communication)

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    Re: Forum Mafia Starter Pre-Signups

    Here's my own guide if anyone is interested, by the way: link (click me). Note that you absolutely are not obligated to read it or any of the ones linked in the original post; they're here to help you, though. I suggest you read Helz's guide on communication, though: that really helped many players over the ages, myself included.
    @Dallarian you can use the color tool of the forum, it's the uppercase A. Select the text and then your color. Hexadecimal codes with the right format work too btw.

    Also, [vote]The player's name[/vote] will translate to
    -vote The player's name
    , counted by our lovely vote bot, @The Godfather . That's how you vote in games.
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