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    Host Kicking From Lobby

    Is it against the rules to kick people from your lobby because they repick you? Was trying to play mafia with a friend tonight and the host was kicking us because we repicked him the game before. It's hard enough to get into a lobby, I feel as though this should be against the rules, and if so I will be happy to submit a report against said player. This, on top of the incredible amount of racism/trolling/gamethrowing is leading us to feel as though SC2Maf is not worth our time

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    Re: Host Kicking From Lobby

    It's not against the rules, mainly because we don't have any control during the lobby. We suggest you make another lobby whenever you see this particular person hosting. Sc2 Mafia is not that hard to fill actually besides morning schedules.

    Gamethrowing is of course punishable. For racism you can use the Blizzard report function, which can end up muting players from talking publicly.
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