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    Re: I challenge all Atheists to answer this question.

    Quote Originally Posted by oops_ur_dead View Post
    I agree with this, it's a bit weird that anything exists in the first place. Then again, it would also be just as weird if nothing existed at all.
    Oh and my point with this is that if nothing existed at all, then we wouldn't be around to think about all this. It's a form of selection bias. We only think that the universe existing is significant because we can't possibly experience the other potential natural states in which it doesn't. The concept of time and distance is also another weird one; we only think anything is far away or takes a long time because that's the scales that we think in. Time is just another dimension, we just think it's somehow conceptually different to the other dimensions because that's how we evolved to perceive the world. The universe by and large exists only in the context of our perception of it.

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    Re: I challenge all Atheists to answer this question.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ganelon View Post
    My point was that it’s unfair to compare the existence of God with miracles. That comparison isn’t even close lol. No matter how you spin it the creation or whatever? The origins of the Universe don’t make any sense; you either have to believe that it has always existed (kek)
    I think the comparison is fair. Lightning used to make as little sense as the origins of the universe does now. Either way, my point is that religious explanations were used to fill the void wherever science couldn't find answers. We don't have that answer now and likely never will, but it doesn't make the religious outlook anymore justifiable.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ganelon View Post
    The origins of the Universe don’t make any sense; you either have to believe that it has always existed (kek), that it emerged from nothing, or that a supreme being or force created it - which begs the question, who or what created that being?
    Exactly, but why is it preferable to involve a supreme being into the equation? Who created the thing who created god who created the universe? Ultimately we still can't explain why something came from nothing. God is just an unnecessary middle step.

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    Re: I challenge all Atheists to answer this question.

    Tbh, I hear a lot of (maybe most) atheists tout very cynical views on why religion exists or its origins i.e. it was made up to explain things or it was made up to try and control people. Noone can really say for sure how or where religion comes from, but I find it very unlikely it went like that. SJ's video is amusing but misrepresentative imo. I think these narrow explanations stem from the fact most atheists view religion as a collection of empirical statements. However, religious people don't necessarily view their religion that way, nor have they necessarily ever. I'm not simply asserting that they blindly believe these things out of emotion, either. That again is still viewing it in terms of empirical statements.

    Faith isn't an assertion of some statement or an emotional thing. It's more like a mood. If statements are the foreground objects in a painting, and the colours are the emotions, then faith is like the background. Whether you believe or not affects how you contextualize everything in the foreground without fundamentally changing the items in the foreground. Though it has no effect on the objects of the foreground, it totally changes the painting. I think the loss of faith in our society has less to do with what we've learnt about the foreground objects and more how we contextualize those objects.

    this video is okay https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fJZ8ib93vSk

    p;edit Well, there are a lot of empirical statements in religion too I guess lol. I guess I'm trying to say there's more to it than just a collection of empirical statements. And "faith" doesn't represent some kind of axiomatic belief.
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