[WIP] S-FM Journey to Huygens (13P)

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    S-FM Journey to Huygens (13P)

    S-FM Journey to Huygens
    It is the year 2248, and humanity has dispatched their first interstellar colony ships to Barnard’s Star. Traveling at sublight speeds, the fleet carrying 50,000 colonists aboard two space ships is slated to arrive soon. Only a few months away from their destination, the AI aboard the main ship goes haywire upon attempting to wake the crew.

    In an effort to repair itself, the top-secret Collaborative Agent System (CAS), a swarm of cloud-based artificial, intelligent agents, was activated by the fleet control center. The fleet control center indicates that some of the dormant agents were corrupted by an unknown force - it is not known whether this represents a cyber attack by one of the Republic of the Oort Cloud’s enemies, or whether it is simply a natural force that caused this.

    The agents have been tasked with identifying the rogue elements and to send them to the main system for reinitialization... the fate of more than 50,000 Oorter colonists hangs in the balance.

    Role List

    System Agents

    Analyst Agent (Sheriff/Cop)
    Memory Organizer (Doctor)

    Rogue Agents

    Corrupted Analyst (Godfather)
    Directive Manager (Consort)
    Corrupted Agent


    Days last 72 hours, nights last 24.
    The lynch proceeds as follows:
    Using condorcet voting, players rank other players from towniest to scummiest (in reverse order), during the first 24 hours. The towniest player, as decided by the election, gains 3 votes that day. The next X get 2 votes, and the next Z get one vote. Finally, the rest of the player get no vote that day.

    During the last 48 hours, normal election mechanics play out. Voting system during this phase to be decided (but most likely Plurality w/ Majority or Condorcet). Players will have to vote a target for the lynch that day; they may optionally skip.

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