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    LF testers (new vote system)

    Hey everyone,

    As I continue to tirelessly work on a new mafia platform, I need some help testing a new vote system. Some of you may know me as the guy who has it in for the basic majority vote system and my interesting attempts to get "Bird"/Ranked choice voting to be more mainstream. Anyway, I've been hosting zoom mafia games with my extended college buddies, and we've been something in between single vote majority and ranked choice voting: a non-ranked multi vote system. Instead of being allowed to only vote for one person, you can vote for as many people as you want. You just can't rank them. (yet) ((evil laughter))

    I've gotten pretty good at testing things myself, as I don't need 6 different computers running Starcraft2 to test my mafia code. However, I'm looking for some testers to help test this because voting is so integral to the game, and when I run my mafia games this weekend, the game can't fall down because voting isn't working.

    I'm looking for minimum 4 testers on Friday 4pm PST to help me get the kinks out. It shouldn't take longer than 20 minutes to run through the scenarios.


    1. Voss
    2. Naz
    3. Mag
    4. aamirus
    5. ?
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    Re: LF testers (new vote system)

    can u send me a Google calendar event lolol
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    Re: LF testers (new vote system)

    Totally down for this if it doesn’t require StarCraft II.

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    Re: LF testers (new vote system)

    Quote Originally Posted by OzyWho View Post
    Sorry, mate. That's 4:00 AM in Eastern European Summer Time. (and 3:00 AM for those Central Europeans)
    Yes, 3am for me. I usually go to sleep at around 11pm-12am nowadays.

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    Re: LF testers (new vote system)

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    Re: LF testers (new vote system)

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    I know I know, I was innerly debating posting here lol. I might not have time to be here in two hours, sadly. If I'm able to, I'll join. Just don't count on it too much.
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