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    Read notification on WhatsApp

    Dont you hate it when someone youre supposed to be working with enabled that setting where others cant see if youve read their messages or not?

    Its extremely annoying to be trying to send someone a message (for school project should or etc), only for them to immediately go offline and pretend theyre not there...

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    Re: Read notification on WhatsApp

    If it's important to be working with then sure, it's annoying. Now I don't think people should be entitled to know my on or offline status, that's something that people should choose to give or not.

    On the other hand, if you're working on a project with someone and they don't work at all, I believe it creates better future outcomes to not turn in your work if your evaluator is unlikely to be convinced to give you special credit.

    i.e. you could turn in your work alongside them and both get a C, or you could not turn in your work and force two Fs.

    Looking back, I'd take the F as a reminder to future workmates not to slack when grouped with me.



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