Electronic voting & other voting methods discussion.

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    Electronic voting & other voting methods discussion.

    With the American elections coming up I would just like to remind you how bad electronic voting really is.

    Let's us know how you vote in your country and what your think is secure. ��

    These video are a great explanation by the wonderful Tom Scott.

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    Re: Electronic voting & other voting methods discussion.

    Nothing beats paper and pencil in person. The only down side is this monstrous Senate ballot paper we have. Literally doesn't fit in the booth. We use preferential voting method which is the cause of it to some degree. When voting for the senate we have to list 1 to 6 our preferred parties, or 1 to 12 our preferred individuals. Similar to the house of reps where we list 1 to X (x = however many candidates there are).

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    Re: Electronic voting & other voting methods discussion.

    Quote Originally Posted by BananaCucho View Post
    Voting by mail is easy, I love it. They send me my ballot, I just have to drop it back into the mailbox.

    Also vehicle registration. I do not like two hour lines.
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    Re: Electronic voting & other voting methods discussion.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mugy View Post
    You guys must not have enough polling booths if you have to wait more than 15 mins.
    Voting in the last presidential primary (2016) took over 2 hours

    This years (Super Tuesday) was a bit better, about 45 minutes. But I also left work early

    We both voted in the General last time by mail, was so much nicer, and wifey voted by mail in the primary this year (I wasn't registered with either party so I didn't get sent a ballot). We'll both be voting in the general by mail again this year, fuck going to the polls
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    Re: Electronic voting & other voting methods discussion.

    The idea of electronic voting is good, should in theory save paper and time, but the implementation (specifically in the U.S., not sure how other countries handle it) is horrendous.
    Having a bunch of boomers that don't know how the internet works outside of their interns working their twitters trying to implement EVS (Electronic Voting Systems) is laughable at best. Not only are most of our machines shipped in from shady countries like Russia, or China, but they're so easy to manipulate in person a twelve year old could figure it out. There was actually a case somewhere on the east coast of these machines being used for a local election, and the machine swapped all the votes, so instead of voting for candidate A, they voted for candidate B, and vice versa.

    In an ideal world we wouldn't have the poll booth, but until a certain party abandons the idea that there is/could be "widespread voter fraud" as a result of mail-in votes (which there is zero evidence of by the way) then most states are stuck with waiting for hours to vote, which will really suck with COVID more than likely sticking around until November.
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