Snowflakism in higher education

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    Snowflakism in higher education

    Why the fuck are there so many snowflakes amongst university students? The first years at my university made a fucking petition to make the final exam for some course easier - supposedly because the midterm was a lot more difficult than expected. Why the fuck are there so many entitled pricks around? I’m disgusted by the shit people do sometimes...

    My year is apparently quite well known for this because TAs avoid our courses, not wanting to ‘TA for that entitled year’. Lol.

    Man, I sometimes feel ashamed about being a student, when there’s so many useless idiots doing absolutely nothing productive and instead engaging in such stupid entitled shit or in random debates in WhatsApp chats.

    Can we just expel them all pls?

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    Re: Snowflakism in higher education

    Make a petition to make courses harder. Make them flee lol.
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    Re: Snowflakism in higher education

    First year is primarily meant to weed out all the dumbasses that coasted in high school and shouldn't have gotten into university in the first place. It'll get better, especially if you decide to do a post-grad degree.

    However I've had some real shit profs make exams and tests that were complete bullshit and artificially difficult, to the point that I wanted to complain. Sometimes complaints are legit, but obviously entitlement still exists.



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