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    So a good bit of what I have talked with people about recently here has been centered around concepts of sociological perception. We talk about things that give us the ability to make informed decisions and how theres conflicts of interest in the decimation of information within our society. Right now I have a moral conflict with this balance.

    My closest friend works for an apartment complex running the contractors/maintenance stuff. He took a vacation and prior to doing so asked me to hold it down while he did so his wife could see her grandmother who was in poor health. I agreed and became good friends with the local staff while filling in for him although it was a corporate facility.

    Then this month a girl got murdered in her home at that complex. That doesn't bother me much. Bad things happen all the time. I recognized this when there was a guy driving on 35 pumping 223 rounds into cars from an assault rifle until cops killed him and it never hit the news. My response was to just follow the police blotter to know whats going on that I am not told about.

    But then then this girl got killed. I know it happened. She was stabbed to death in her home. She was here working on a Visa program and was in a fucked off love triangle separating from the guy she was living with to be with an illegal immigrant who ended up killing her then fleeing to Mexico while her body was found by the guy she had left.

    My issue is how the fuck does that get swept under the carpet? Like.. I get it when some drunk person or some theft or whatever is not worth reporting but straight up murder? And I wonder if that does not even hit the police blotter or the news do I have any ability to be informed about whats going on around me at this point?

    Someone asked me in an earlier thread how to combat controlled perspective which I have been chewing on sense then but when I consider this issue is it even possible? There was a separate incident earlier this month where I got home late at night and herd 2 rapid shots from up the road. That also never hit any police blotter although I have herd from my neighbors that 2 of them also called 911. This kind of thing erodes my faith in society. I already lost faith in our legal system (which is another story) but here I am loosing faith in perception.. As 'advanced' as we are as a society do we really have to just resort to the rumor mill of the people around us to know when there is a murderer loose in our neighborhood?

    And if this was not reported what else doesn't get reported? Was it the fact she was not a citizen that mattered? Or maybe that he was an illegal? I am back to questioning my perception of safety. More than that I question avocation. The largest fights I have made were around vets treatment and due diligence which I had to dedicate years to and very tiny changes were made while nobody was held accountable. If I try to start a fight over this is it even worth it when its more likely to hurt my friend and those who worked at the apartment complex (and were instructed not to talk about it) than it is to cause any change?
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    if we could just stop catering to the toxic attitude and apathy that has become the culture of this site.
    Its easy to tear something down. Building something real takes a level of conviction and dedication that is not cool or fun.

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    I think with events like that they trigger a greater sense of urgency to the people closer to it. You are more invested in it due to proximity. I went to school and ate lunch with this guy that eventually in life hired a prostitute, cut her neck to the bone then went to watch Harry Potter in the cinemas for an alibi. There was zero peep in national news, just some coverage with the local paper.

    For something to be national news, it has to be pretty significant. With my event it was a prostitute being murdered. Given previous context in regards to murdered prostitutes in movies and other real life events, it's not really interesting from the view of a news publisher where they want to focus their energy on something to catch the public's attention. Dead hookers are simply over-done as morbid as it is.

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    Re: Public information

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    There have been more deaths from COVID-19 in America than there was in 911. Don't you feel a little burnt out in regards to tracking the news/count of dead people from the pandemic? I know I do here in Australia and we have a less than a fraction of the deaths over there.
    Im not talking about national news. I can search the apartments name and nothing comes up. I can search the girls name and nothing comes up. Its like she never existed and her death never happened. The public record that is the police blotter shows nothing. Thats insane. Should I be forced to look to the morgues records to even know someone died and is it even ethical for that info to be publicly available?

    I mean.. I get that she was not an american citizen and the guy that killed her was also not suppose to even be in the country but I have a few friends that live within a mile of where she was stabbed to death. Its not an issue of my proximity to her; its an issue of the complete inability for people regardless of proximity to her to be informed on a potential threat to their lives.

    Once again, if this kind of thing doesn't show up consider your understanding of your ignorance and what that reflects for your understanding of reality.
    Personalize that and ask yourself how ok with it you are.
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    if we could just stop catering to the toxic attitude and apathy that has become the culture of this site.
    Its easy to tear something down. Building something real takes a level of conviction and dedication that is not cool or fun.

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    Re: Public information

    It's quite obvious that the people who are close to someone who dies, and more exactly who gets murdered, should be able to know about it... That clearly is an issue. Considering your friend and the possible damage vs the possible good out of fighting over it is a personal choice, though; both going in and not going in would be understandable decisions.
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    Re: Public information

    There isn't any evidence to say they weren't notified. Who knows what the police do behind closed doors in regards to that stuff. As for public knowledge it falls onto civil servants. I have never encountered unreported murders but then again I don't live in a country where murder happens on a large scale. If civil servants aren't doing a good job in a certain area they can easily be pressured to do a better job

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    Re: Public information

    Not to be nitpicky but that number of welfare abusers isn't just people collecting a dead person's pension. It would include people working when they say they aren't, fake disabled, etc. The people dead that are still alive as far as social services is concerned would be closer to the other number given which is 9000, the oddly high number of 100+ year olds.

    But this article also shows that it's the public sector doing a shit job. Also that Greece is fucked but we all knew that. Kick asses into gear and it should be fine.

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    Re: Public information

    Simply put, things won't be reported if nobody reports them. There could be practical and emotional reasons for all this. You're part of that chain where you don't report it because you were instructed not to; which is a fine reason given that you're trying to protect yourself or your job by doing that. The apartment owner might not want to draw undue attention to the complex given that the fact that someone was murdered there might not even matter, beyond superstitious reasons (particularly since, as you said, it was a domestic conflict where the killer already fled to Mexico). The police might not want to report it because it's outside of their jurisdiction at this point, and a solved matter, so why should they publicize it any more than a random theft, if it'll just cause panic and suspicion? Even if the media got a hold of it, what would be the purpose of publishing some story like that? People die all the time, do they publish stories of grandmas dying of heart attacks? Although it was different since it was a violent death, it's not particularly suspicious and the story has been more or less resolved. Publishing something like that is nothing more than a shock piece, which the newspapers might not want to do.

    Likewise, what benefit does it bring to you to be able to know something like that? Sure, you can say it might make you more aware of crime rates in your community (again, seems to be a domestic dispute where the killer already fled and isn't likely to return, so it has no use for you to know). But ultimately, it's not a particular concern to the vast majority of people. Those who actually need to know will find out through other means, to everyone else it's just a number in a statistic. Sure, it means that without you telling me, I would have never found out about it. But what good does it do for me to know? Of course, that's not to say that it should be actively suppressed, just that I don't expect people to expend effort (because, yes, publishing this stuff requires effort) so that people can potentially read about a piece of information that's completely useless to them.

    But on that, maybe there is some use for a different group of people to know. For example, the people in the Mexican town or neighbourhood that the murderer fled to might benefit from knowing. Hell, maybe the piece actually got published there. Would you know about it, since you don't know Spanish? It's funny how these kinds of divides, particularly in language, present such a strong barrier to information spread. For example, I'm a Russian speaker, and a lot of Americans don't realize that anchors on Russian state media openly mock Americans for voting in Trump because "Trump is ours" (directly transcribing). There's nobody sitting around translating every piece of foreign media, so simply by that virtue, there's so much information that we can never even hope to access.

    There's not really a point to this, but no matter how you take it, your perspective will be biased by some sort of selection bias somehow. At some point we have to accept that we have to accept aggregate statistics, or layman summaries, or opinionated pieces on large swaths of news and science. You can say that you're objective about issues like immigration or COVID vaccines or whatnot, but there's no way you've read it all, and at some point you accepted someone's potentially biased summary on it. Even original research itself can be biased. It's just how the world is, and trying to know everything or even taking comfort in having access to every piece of knowledge is a fruitless endeavour.

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    Re: Public information

    OwOOwOPS_UwUR_DEAD'D you've big bren. uWu

    Also, Fox would want to publish that kind of story. Just saying. OwO

    F for the girl and for you HEALZ, who liveth in sucheth a rougheth neighborhood. o_O
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    Re: Public information

    I don't think it's reported because I don't think people care. The news outlets and the media, in part report on things that people want to hear. I may be among those who searches up police records about crimes in different locations, but I don't think many people are like me. I think this forum gives us this image that there's actually a lot of people with a reasonable level of critical thinking skills that weigh information as best they can, but I think in reality most people just want to chug along with their lives.

    Didn't you say something about the locus of control? You can alert the people you want to alert and let it be. You only have a limited amount of resources to expend.
    Hang in there doing property management, I'm sure your friend appreciates it. My friend recently quit dealing with crazy people.



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