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    Investigator Buff

    The Investigator is either one of the most underpowered investigation roles available, or with detect exact roles on the most overpowered role.

    Why is it so underpowered? It's ability is detecting clues, for clues to be available a role has to have activated the clue by using an ability.

    To improve it I suggest adding more clues, not just relating to the role but to what roles have been visited by.

    Here are a few:
    Bus Ticket: Been driven
    Blood: Been involved in a fight.
    Courted?: Been roleblocked
    Gasoline: Been Doused
    Poison: Been poisoned
    Magic Aura: Been witched/oricaled.

    The idea is for Investigator to become a feedback checker, to see who hasn't claimed feedback or who is lying about what feedback they received. Also to detect what roles are in the games.
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    Re: Investigator Buff

    Quote Originally Posted by rumox View Post
    This is similar to what I thought of a re-worked spy to receive, replacing the eavesdropping aspect of it.

    Thumbs up for the general idea of feedback investigation.
    Yeh It was something I suggested way back but there was no development at the time.

    Tbh I hate spy because it stops majority of any night time discussion taking place. The other spys ability's are cool and usually underestimated.
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