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    If you are liked by most players you could have some friendly bias working in your favour in some situations, whereas if people generally do not like you they would be more inclined to kill you or ignore you. I've seen both ends of the stick so it really just comes down to the person and how they present themselves. Giving up anonymity presents unique factors which I personally think are not worth it.

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    Re: Same Name Steve

    It is fun having both (in separate games of course), but really, in my eyes, it is personal preference.
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    Re: Same Name Steve

    Sometimes, I typically do it in games that I am part of. 10% of the playerbase that I have known for awhile will actively try to kill me, however there is a fair portion of the playerbase that has only seen me play as town, and as such will tend to follow my lead more with the name. It really depends on your rep with that name.

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    Re: Same Name Steve

    i dont even have colored names

    but the only name i consistently stick to in the last few weeks is Joe Biden, and thats because its fun RPing as Joe Biden. But other than that I literally pick whatevers on my mind.

    Sc2Mafia is all about anonymity. I get theres some value in having the same eye-rapey eye-blistering colored name every game if people are going to trust you more with that name, but it kinda ruins the point of anonymity tbf and removes a little bit of the intrigue, although its not really a big deal. fuck it heres all the sc2mafia pics i would have put in the sig

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