{Watch List} LinkyPoo: 1-S2-1-8151994 & SpaceMuffin: 1-S2-1-2540753

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    LinkyPoo: 1-S2-1-8151994 & SpaceMuffin: 1-S2-1-2540753

    Account Name: LinkyPoo
    Account ID: 1-S2-1-8151994
    In-Game Name: Marshall

    Account Name: SpaceMuffin
    Account ID: 1-S2-1-2540753
    In-Game Name: Survivor

    Crimes Committed: Skyping/Discord out of game

    Your Account Name: Shadowspark
    Summary: SpaceMuffin (Survivor in-game) was a lookout claimed to be hit by an escort on night 3 when that was not the case, while LinkyPoo (Marshall in-game) was the Dragon Head claiming to be an escort that RB'd Survivor. No reason for a town to lie about being escorted. There was a Liason but he died N2, no other escorts/consorts/liasons in-game. Just watched replay, you can see him chance his LW end of night 3 and start of day 4. Right when day 4 starts, they both talk about the RB that never happened RIGHT as the day begins. Appears to me that they were using an outside source of communication.

    7 and 8 were skyping, reporting them both.SC2Replay

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    Re: LinkyPoo: 1-S2-1-8151994 & SpaceMuffin: 1-S2-1-2540753

    ID Verification:
    Linkypoo: 1-S2-1-8151994 Correct
    SpaceMuffin: 1-S2-1-2540753 Correct

    LinkyPoo chooses the name "Marshall" and roles Dragon Head in slot 7.
    Spacemuffin chooses the name "Survivor" and roles Lookout in slot 8.

    They are in adjacent lobby slots.


    N1: muffin watches 12, sees nobody visit, updates lw correctly
    linky says "wtf" in mafia chat and does nothing... As it turns out, the save has "can kill without enforcer" turned off, so the DH legit cannot choose to kill anybody.


    N2: linky tells his teammate that he literally cannot attack lol. His teammate (liason) tells him 6 is RB immune.
    Muffin watches 9 and sees him visited by nobody, updates lw correctly.

    D3: With his last teammate having been night killed, linky accuses 6 of being rb immune and GF. 6 is eventually lynched and flips GF.

    N3: muffin watches 1 and sees nobody visit

    D4: Here is where things get weird. Linky claims that he roleblocked muffin. Muffin immediately says that he just had sex and it felt so good. Muffin updates his lw to say that he got roleblocked (which didn't happen).

    N4: muffin is killed by MM

    In a 1 DH, 1 mafia, 1 MM tie, ultimately the MM is lynched and triad wins.

    Player Offenses
    Linky: Skyping
    Muffin: Skyping, gamethrowing

    Previous Offenses
    Linky: none
    Muffin: lag cheating WL x2 from 2013

    Recommended Action
    Both players: WL X3

    Additional Notes
    Muffin supports linky's fake escort claim for no reason. But beyond that, they also both talk about it at the very beginning of the day, making it quite obvious that it was planned.

    Thanks for your report!
    Have you ever heard the tragedy of Darth Jar Jar the wise?

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