It's an 8-2-5 Save - Or 2-6-2-2-3 save

Mason Leader
Town Invest
Town Invest
Town Prot
Town Prot
Town Power
Town Killing
Witch Doctor
Neut Kill
Neut Kill
Neut Random
Neut Random
Neut Random

- Names OFF

I've hosted it about 4 or 5 times since I've set it up. I'm trying to find if this feels more balanced.

Sometimes 2 MM's 2 Arsons 2SK's but usually it's a mix of the Killer Roles - With Neut Random Excluding Killing Roles.

- Roles are Countable
- Cult can be hit by NK's
- Masons can crack cults
- Auditor can spawn and make a Citizen Race
- Judge can sway evils to kill a Mason Leader or Threats.
- Judge gets 4 votes and 2 courts. (Since No Crier they are Confirmed)
- Amnesiac has No Limits and No Discovery.
- WD and ML Limited to 3 Conversions - With no night between saves limited.
- Cultist Conversion is 1 Night Between and Immunity Prevents Conversion
- Adjusting Executioner to Avoid Target is Always Town - Invuln at Night.
- MM Invuln at Night and Self Spree with No Spree Limit.

Most of this is Standard Settings but I feel like it's balanced but would really like to get some feedback on changes.

I will allow Name Picks since I've gotten it established and don't have to worry about getting targeted or harassed because I've hosted it.

I've found good quality play from the players, all playing their roles, very few role quits, leavers, or AFK. I'd say standard amount of each for any save.
I've not heard any major complaints about the results feeling skewed one way or another.

Please if you've got time, leave me some feedback.