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    ban SC2Mafia MVP Contest: 2020 Edition

    SC2Mafia MVP Contest: 2020 Edition

    How To Enter:
    Post in this thread with the following information:

    • A replay of the game
    • SC2 Account Name
    • In-game name and player #
    • A brief description on why you think you (or the player you're nominating) deserves to be MVP.

    Nominating An MVP:
    You can nominate yourself in your own replay, or you can nominate another player. If you nominate a winning player, you will also receive 500 points.

    How To Win:
    Factors that lead to a win are... how strong your given role was, Special Achievements you earned (or would have earned if not already won), how good (or bad) the other players were, and, most importantly, how much influence your own actions had on the game.

    Additional Information:
    This thread will be open until the end of 2020, at which time the contest will be closed for judging. Please remember to follow the rules below when posting a replay. And remember... be sneaky and have some fun!

    WINNER: MVP In-Game Achievement, MVP Forum Badge, and 2500 points.
    RUNNER-UP: 500 points.


    • A maximum of 2 replays are allow per submitting player. Any submissions beyond the first 2 will be ignored. If you want to make additional submissions, delete an older post first to be ensure you only have 2 submissions.
    • You cannot place more than once per contest... this means you cannot win 1st place with one replay and also 2nd place with another.
    • Replays must be complete and not end before points are saved at the end.

    shamelessly copied from Rumox's 2019 thread. Varcron was the winner of the 2019 contest.
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    Re: SC2Mafia MVP Contest: 2020 Edition

    SC2 acct: Cataphract (1-SC2-1-1046956)
    Player 14: Unsuspecting mayor
    MM lynched, dh killed by BG, then 2 more triad lynched by night 4 leaving no evil killers. MVP for getting confirmed vet lynched into day 6 jester lynch giving witch solo win while survivor tries to side with town.

    -Mafia-Cataphract jester play.SC2Replay
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    Re: SC2Mafia MVP Contest: 2020 Edition


    theoneceko: 1-S2-1- 8585442

    UwU zergling i so happy to be banned for hacking earlier so i can look up my uwu rpeort and uwu copyuwumy id uwu!!!

    Player 2: What

    Story time! uwu zergling. I am a narcissist and I want everyone to know how G E N I U S I am!! uwu.

    Just so y'all know, I'm the witch doctor in this SHIT SAVE >_< *ANGRILY UWUS AND NUZZLES*
    D1: I spam "UwU" and "Frenchville State School." Surprisingly, I'm never attacked because that was a 666 IQ play to make the evils think I was jester and not attack me. However, I am silenced by the silencer.

    D2: I don't spam "-skip" or show any indication that I'm silenced so the Triad doesn't feel pressured to kill me that night. However, I do spam-click the "GUILTY" vote button because I love to troll uwu.

    D3: I spam "I GOT NUTTED N1." I also rando-lynch the marshall. Even after he reveals, I was the only guy to have my vote on him! I LIVE DANGEROUSLY AND ON THE EDGE. UWU ZERGLING X3 NUZZLES POUNCES ON U. UWU UR SO WARM! COULDN'T HELP BUT NOTICE UR---ok i'll stop. UwU.

    D4: I save 13, who claimed he was healed by the doctor, by pointing out that the witch controlled the doctor onto 13. That explained why the last will the doctor whispered to the mayor didn't match up with 13's being attacked. Of course, I am toxic af (x3 nuzzles uwu) and argue to get my point across, BUT THAT IS WHAT TRUE PROS DO!!! UWU.

    On a more serious note...

    This makes me look even more credible to the town. I already claimed I was silenced earlier, which was true. This informed the town it was highly unlikely for me to be Triad, deflects investigative roles from visiting me---especially the sheriff and investigator, although the detective and lookout could've countered my last will if I tried to lie about who I save---, and makes the town doctor consider healing me. There was a marshall, who can't be healed by doctors, and no other confirmed roles at that point in the game.

    At the end of the day, I type "GET 9 NOW!" Hopefully this makes triad consider not attacking me because I act like a dumbass, but more importantly, like a jester. What kind of triad would kill a jester?

    D5: I whisper 3, who I assumed was a doctor, that I'm also a town doctor. I thought 3 was a doctor because he said he was confirmed, then said he wasn't. I figured 3 wanted to hide his identity so the Triad wouldn't hit him. Of course, I include in my message to 3 that I was silenced and therefore someone to be trusted. I also publicly say that 3 was the doctor who healed 13. This was to bait the Triad into hitting 3, which worked. Unfortunately, 3 was actually the veteran. However, I'm sure that my whisper to him made him not alert that night. If he did alert, I would've died to his military-grade assault rifle.

    D6: Even though

    `````````````````````````````````````````````````` `````````````````````````````````````````````````` ````````
    ok just check the replay lol uwu zergling. i am witch doc and make rest of town cult and literally no one knows "THE TWIST YOU'VE ALL BEEN WAITING FOR...." H I L A R I O U S, C O M E D Y G O L D E N D I N G

    *weird sexual noises* just for u aamrisuwuWUZEILLIJGZERLIGN-Mafia- (992).SC2Replay
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    Re: SC2Mafia MVP Contest: 2020 Edition

    SC2 Account Name: Exeter (1-S2-1-5640160)
    In-game Name: Jabami Yumeko (#6 - Hotkey 5)

    Role: Auditor

    * Early game was fairly normal
    * Early deaths of Mason Leader and Cultist was favourable for an Auditor solo win
    * Late game (D8 onwards) required careful manipulation of Town members to lynch each other as no Killing roles were left, and 2 out of 4 players were confirmed Town roles
    * Active participation in day chat, early role claim & maintaining a comprehensive LW throughout the game made my claims more believable and contributed to victory

    Auditor solo win. Got the Eternal Service Revenue achievement.

    SOTD Cult save. Started with 14 due to one autokick.

    * Targeted #3 (WD), failed.

    * Led a random lynch on #3, but pulled back.


    * Jailed. Claimed Detective with LW & reasoning and was let go.

    * 3 out of 7 Town died due to MM attacks, including Mason Leader.
    * #13 (Cultist) AFK dies, leaving Cult with one WD.
    * #10 (Mayor) reveals near end of day.
    * Day ends with no lynch.

    * Targeted #10 (Mayor) to test my luck. Failed to audit.

    * Inconclusive discussion. No lynch.

    * Targeted #11 (Amnesiac), failed as Amnesiac died to MM.
    * Was attacked by MM while visiting #11, but healed by Doctor.

    * Mayor died to MM, leaving 3 Town, 2 MM, 1 Witch Doc and 1 Auditor.
    * #8 (Jailor) is put on trial, and inno'd after I confirm him as Jailor.
    * #4 (MM) is put up on trial, counterclaims Jailor, and is lynched.

    * Targeted #8 (confirmed Jailor), audited to Citizen.

    * No kill as #1 (MM) targeted self and missed.
    * #1 PM's me attempting to build rapport, but I publicly declined.
    * #1 is put on trial for suspicious PMing, claims Veteran, and is lynched.

    * Targeted #2 (confirmed Doctor), audited to Citizen.

    * No kills as all Killing roles are dead.
    * #3 (WD) makes a false lead on #8 (confirmed Jailor-Citizen) and attempts to lead a lynch.
    * I counter #3's Investigator claim as Detective.
    * Town trials #3 and lynches.
    * #3 attempts to cast suspicion on me as he is being executed, but nothing comes of it.

    * Targeted #14 (Coroner), audited to Citizen.

    * Initially wanted to push a lynch on #14 by countering his Town Investigative role.
    * However, foresaw that since #2 (confirmed Doctor-Citizen) and #8 (confirmed Jailor-Citizen) would be left, I will be driving myself into a corner.
    * Capitalised on #14's suspicion of #2 to switch my accusation to #2, using my Detective "lead" to protect #14 while leaving room to later accuse him of being Auditor who deliberately withheld auditing on N7 and claimed audited.
    * #8 (Jailor-Citizen) points out that there was a Doctor in the game as confirmed by myself earlier.
    * I am put on trial. Pasted the Detective LW that I've been maintaining, and used "Process of elimination" as an argument to get #2 (Doctor-Citizen).
    * #8 buys my story and decides to inno, while #14 was set on lynching #2 so he was going to inno either way.
    * Day ends with no lynch as time runs out.

    * No target.

    * Claimed audited.
    * #14 (Coroner-Citizen) suggests to continuously skip day until Town wins the tie.
    * I play along.
    * Town skips day.

    * No target.

    * Voting switched to Anonymous Ballot.
    * Despite agreement to skip instead of voting, Town begins voting anonymously, but cancelled their votes towards day end.
    * Capitalised on anonymity to lynch #2 (Doctor-Citizen) while feigning ignorance ("I cancelled my vote"), creating distrust between #8 and #14.

    * No target.

    * Feigned enlightenment about #8's earlier comment about #2 being confirmed Doctor, and conclude that #14 must be the Auditor. #8 does not appear to be fully convinced.
    * #14 and I vote each other.
    * Due to existing distrust (#14's earlier accusation about #8 being visited by Cult and anonymously lynching #2), #8 decides to put #14 up.
    * #14 is lynched.

    * No target.

    * Game ends with an Auditor-Town tie, resulting in Auditor win.
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    Re: SC2Mafia MVP Contest: 2020 Edition

    YO i gotta submit anuther REEEEEEEEEEEEEEplay.

    I'm ford prefect the vigilante (7).

    On night 1, the disguiser shot 3.

    On day 2 we'd some discussion, but no one was lynched.

    On night 2, I killed 3 for being silent while having a non-default name. I assumed correctly that he was scum trying to lay low. Unfortunately, I was also audited that night.

    On day 4, we tried to vote up 5 the executioner, but didn't have enough votes. I took note of who didn't vote up 5, since I suspected at least one of these people were scum that wanted 5 alive.

    On day 5, I pushed a lynch on 12 since he didn't vote up 5. 12 was mafioso.

    On day 6, I tried to save 13. Even though he was sheriff who didn't reveal his lead on 12 and didn't vote up 5, I'd a feeling he was telling the truth. Unfortunately, I didn't spam "INNO 13" fast enough and 13 died.

    On day 8, I pushed a lynch on 2. He claimed to be audited escort, but after checking which roles were still alive, I deduced the auditor was either him or 1. As it turns out, 2 was the auditor.

    Basically, I made 4 reads and all of them were correct, even though I was a non-investigative role.
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    Re: SC2Mafia MVP Contest: 2020 Edition

    Nominating myself for this game

    Replay: Pretending for MvP Auditor.SC2Replay
    SC2 Account Name: [Sc2Maf]Zedus
    In-game name and player: #14 Sonya Bloede D'hoine

    d1. role: Auditor
    n2. auditing #1. Name "Painfuly Evil" used by Drapoel, often he trolls and spams, so I audited him. He becomes Enforcer.
    Important: Crier/Judge revealed himself as #13 at night.
    d2. Triad initiate random lynch on me for no reason. That was my chance. I claimed sheriff and outed #1 as triad member. Town innoed me, #1 was lynched (bad reputation of troll and spamer works well). Now I am trusted.
    n2. If Judge call court, I will probably get lynched by Judge and evils. Best thing I can do is audit #13. He become scumbag, now he is my ally and can't hurt me.
    d3. #2 pm's he protecting me. Good move for DH. Now I "checked" him in lw for the future
    n3. I tryed to audit #8, he was susp for town and I need his role to protect him or to lyhcn. But he was immune for my action. He doesn't vote #1 d2, so I decided he is DH.
    d4. I pm'ed for #8 "I am auditor, you are dh" and asked him to kill #2. I was wrong, #8 was Muss Murderer, not DH. Good for me that he was lynched after voting guilty on #3. Bad for me that I told he is ns. Well, I am still looks like confirmed, but some players confused. Witch? BD? Also during the day #3 called #7 is escort (soliticing). #3 looks susp for town.
    n4. DH is blockable in this save, and I have to audit #7. He becomes Citizen, from this moment I was sure #3 is triad.
    d5. We put #11 on trial. He claimed spy. #3 guilted him, so he is real spy. After town voted inno on #11, it was 3 vs 11. I had decisive voice, and I pulled time with "who visited by maf, spy?" and didn't vote.
    n5. Audited #3 to Enforcer. I need confirm him.
    d6. #6 Jailor executed #12 Marshall. We called him interro and lynched. Now we have numbers. I revealed as auditor, confirmed #13 as scumbag. Well, my job was done at this moment. We won next day.

    I pretend to be MVP, because my each action in this game served one purpose - survive and help evils win. I literally sold #1 for this, it was worth it.

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    Re: SC2Mafia MVP Contest: 2020 Edition

    Quote Originally Posted by Zedus View Post
    Nominating myself for this game

    Replay: Pretending for MvP Auditor.SC2Replay
    SC2 Account Name: [Sc2Maf]Zedus
    In-game name and player: #14 Sonya Bloede D'hoine

    I pretend to be MVP, because my each action in this game served one purpose - survive and help evils win. I literally sold #1 for this, it was worth it.
    I remember this game very well. Such a great game with many clutch moments from the triad point of view (I was DH). I back his entry for MVP. fuck it heres all the sc2mafia pics i would have put in the sig

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    Re: SC2Mafia MVP Contest: 2020 Edition

    I nominate myself for solo Scumbag win.

    SC2 Account Name: [Sc2Maf] Riotbringer (1-S2-1-2429252)
    In-game name and player: #1 Diavlo [Some Italian Surname]

    Attachment 27352

    1 = Poisoner / me (retains +2 votes despite being Scumbag)
    2 = Armorsmith #1
    6 = Oracle
    7 = Armorsmith #2
    8 = Elector

    N1: 1 poisons 2. 1 gets targeted by the elector and auditor. I'm now a scumbag. 8 takes vote away from DH and gives it to me.

    D2: 1 finds out he has two votes.

    N2: Jailor, Marshall, and Armorsmith #2 die.

    D3: 1 gets voted up. Uses a legitimate-looking sheriff LW and is spared 3-2 with 3 guilties. One of the voter's vote didn't go through and I vote them up. It's the DH. He gets lynched tie-breaker 5-3 (should've been 3-3 without my 2 votes).

    N3: I check the people who guiltied me and decide to kill them. 2 gives me a bulletproof vest because they're convinced I'm town.

    D4: 2 unfortunately dies. 9 claims evils outnumber town and claims auditor. We vote 9 up and lynch him tie-breaker 5-3. 9 was triad.

    N4: I use the bulletproof vest. I looked at the log to recheck who guiltied me before. I was then attacked by the last triad, but survived.

    D5: Everyone gets suspicious of me and we vote up the last triad and lynch them 6-2. 8 and 10 who inno'd are the next targets.

    N5: 8 suicides because the triad were purged.

    D6: Vote up 10 and tie-breaker lynch 4-2. 6 reveals they are oracle and 5 is citizen.

    N6: N/A

    D7: 3 reveals they're auditor and gets lynched.

    N7: N/A

    D8: 5 gets voted up, failed to lynch 2-2. We vote up 14 and they get lynched 5-0.

    N8: N/A

    D9: With +2 votes, I can instantly vote up the remaining town. I distract them by telling them to check the log so I can immediately vote up the last citizen. They get tie-breaker lynched 2-1.

    N9: N/A

    D10: Victory, but ONLY 4 points???
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