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    Zombie / Cultist Rework?

    So, obvious the 'Do you like the Cultist' thread is fairly inconclusive. Some have mentioned an overhaul of the role, others enjoy it in it's current state.

    Addressing the primary issues involved with Cult should probably be a priority.

    -It snowballs out of control.
    -Dislike of a new win condition / playing against your old win condition.
    -Players dislike losing their old abilities.
    -Players can game-throw re-actively against Cult.
    -Variable settings can make the role to be over or under-powered.
    -Contention on whether it's truly a neutral or if it's a faction.
    -It lacks developed integration into the game (Mafia, Masons.)
    -Something I missed, probably.

    But I'd also like to point out a few positives about it.

    -It's unique, and classic.
    -It can make for memorable experiences.
    -It's spooky.


    So, as I posted before - one iteration I enjoy is the following.

    Zombie: Infects a player each night and wins if the number of infected players ever outnumber the number of living players.
    We can assume a few things:

    1. Players will be silently infected: This encourages them to play to their win con as they retain their abilities.
    2. A 'zombie' victory would not spur game-throwing / slow-rolling: It would simply end once a critical mass was reached.
    3. The 'zombies' would not be given any sort of night chat; They wouldn't know they're infected.
    4. Any player can be infected (aside from Masons, probably) including Mafia and Neutrals.

    So, there's a few positives already. Yet, a ton of questions.

    Does this fit the definition of a Neutral Evil?
    Do all infected win in the event of a zombie victory?
    Is this infection curable by Doctor? What about Masons -- would they kill or cleanse?
    Would player's deaths reveal any sign of 'infection' (to retain the hysteria of cult?)
    Does the infection rate need limits (similar to Cult?)

    A personal take-away is that the idea of a Witch, Mafioso and Mayor all being on the same victory screen is intriguing.

    And if it's necessary to point out for Zombie-haters: The flavor can be whatever. You could name this role Voodooist who is 'making' voodoo dolls of people to win, I don't care.

    Anyway, this is just an idea. Maybe a rework of Cultist, maybe a new role. Who knows.
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