SC2 Mafia 2.0 Update

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    SC2 Mafia 2.0 Update

    Hi Everybody,

    As some of you may be aware, we've been developing a major update to sc2 mafia over the last while which will see a few balance changes, a slew of new roles and a bunch of other QoL fixes/variants and we were meant to have a public beta on a backup map late last year.

    Due to a combination of factors including but not limited to our current developer's pc semi-exploding and bugs causing infinite night loops we weren't able to reach this target.

    We are still developing the update and we've seen some good feedback and discussion about some of the sneak previews some people have seen. We are still going to host the 2.0 feature complete update on a back up map for public play before we roll it onto the main map -- when we get closer to ironing out all the issues preventing us from starting the test we will let you know the test date and link the map.

    As for why we dont just go into test now and fix as we go -- last time we were more open with the test process the response we got was pretty inflammatory -- even though we said things were subject to change and update it wasn't a good experience for anyone so we're going with a more feature complete test (and we dont think battlenet will be too happy if we leave infinite night lockups in the game so yeah).

    Hope to be telling you all more soon
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