Quick role selection guide for hosts

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    Quick role selection guide for hosts

    Step 1
    Create a new Google Spreadsheet.

    Step 2
    Paste players list to a column.

    Step 3
    Create random numbers next to the players by using the RAND function. (copy paste the values over themselves so they don't change)

    Step 4
    In a different column, sort the numbers in an ascending or descending order using this "formula".

    Step 5
    Paste role list next to the sorted numbers.

    Step 6
    Finally, sort the players next to the role list corresponding to their randed numbers by using this formula.

    (maybe it's just easier to copy this)

    Obviously this is nothing serious, there are tons of even easier methods.
    But if even just 1 Host finds this useful, it will make it worthwile for me.
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