Apathy. The level of a person's or collective's willingness to change the direction of the game. How much they care enough.
(please correct me if I'm wrong since I had a hard time finding the official FM definition)

For the purpose of this discussion, let's assume that's the official definition because it's what I want to hear your opinions about in this topic.

Apathy is a powerful and popular Mafia weapon to use, and it can be disguised in many different ways and forms in plain sight - most of which evolve around the idea of making the thread unreadable with circular arguments and all that.
But what I want to know, can Townies use it as a weapon? What do you think?

In the most recent S-FM game (Instant Mafia) @Stealthbomber16 's Apathy was increased to a maximum by me. It was done so by being toxic, yes, but let's not talk about that atm

It worked in that game because:
  1. the nature of the setup
  2. MM wasn't there
  3. SB16 just happened to be a Mafia
  4. if both Mafias were there - they could had easily made a case against me and Kira and say that I decreased SB16's morale and Kira claiming "SB16 has given up" - making us 2 look like a scum team.

If it was a regular setup, I would had been lynched D2 100% if SB16 wasn't Mafia.

So what's the verdict? Is it a viable Town Tactic ever?