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    Classic Scum/Town Tells

    Post scum/town tells youíve found throughout your FM games

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    Re: Classic Scum/Town Tells

    Aye thatís good. Iíve seen that as well, I think Iíve seen that in FM once as well.
    I think asking weird questions about Town Power Roles can also be scummy depending on what the person is asking.

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    Re: Classic Scum/Town Tells

    I just watch for people's intentions behind each individual post, and then all their posts as a whole. Gives pretty clear picture of what they're all about. Nothing can be more scummier than someone not scumhunting.

    I don't read a single post without making up my mind about the intentions. Preferably 2: one if town one of mafia.

    But then again... I think that's the normal way to play the game for everyone? 1000 other things, but this is core.

    I know nobody would agree with me on this. But I think something can be said about the benefits of slow reading. I firmly believe it can be possible to read/contemplate a 1 word post for an hour and have a better clarity of the players alignment and what they are all about than speed reading 1000 posts (to get in their head so to speak). Worth reading as slow as one can afford imo.

    Pretty good town tell is someone helping town in finding mafia.

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    Re: Classic Scum/Town Tells

    Being the 2nd-3rd votes on a lynch train led on a townie is a scumtell if the train is leading strongly and has 5 (and maybe, if you stretch it, 4) members on it, in a plurality lynch mode. Especially the third vote. That's a theory I got from MU and that actually works very well. The idea is that the train-becoming-strong initiators are rarely scum, because they'll try to push on existing wagons, and that the last votes are really risky to place as scum when you're doing it on a townie.

    Of course, that's just a general guideline and shouldn't be the core of a case, but it can help direct your mind.


    Intent can be hard to find in some posts, and some players are extremely hard to read on their intent, sadly. Of course, you must always try to read people on intent, but it's the most precious and probably the rarest kind of read, because if a scum outs himself on intent, it's basically open-wolfing... and you have to make sure it's not a trap laid by town to get reads or similar stuff.

    If you don't believe me when I say intent can be hard to read, you may want to look at playstyles like Efekann's, Light's on this site, or NotMafia on Mafiascum (and a lot of other people). To read them on intent is to find the Holy Grail.
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