Let's make a horrendous setup

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    Let's make a horrendous setup

    This is like KRC but with horrendous roles.
    Feel free to submit your horrendous role. I'll append it to this post.

    I'll start:

    Spoiler : Roles :

    Spoiler : Lagger :


    You are the infamous lagger, the bane of all Mafia games. At any point during the day, you may activate your LAG! attack, DDOSing the server and causing everyone to immediately start lagging.
    Lag enforces a maximum posting limit of 1 post / 30 minutes, thereby severely limiting in game communication. All posts have to be sent to the host while the game is lagging.

    If your alignment is town, there is a chance (based on the remaining number of players and on whether or not any Mafia trolls (Efe, Hacker, Duke etc) are in the game) that a random TPR will be revealed to the scum and third party players.

    If your alignment is Mafia, Cult, Triad, Demon or whatever, there is a chance one of your team-mates will be outed.

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    Re: Let's make a horrendous setup

    I can offer something similar to the lagger:

    The Game Master
    Being the final judge when it comes to posts made in the game, the Game Master decides whether something may be posted or not. All players have to send all of their messages to the Game Master in anonymous chats and may only post them after the Game Master approves. Those chats may also be used to negotiate about approvals.
    Unapproved messages are illegal and will result in the wrongdoer losing points.

    Prepare yourselves

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    Re: Let's make a horrendous setup

    Distorted's Collection
    You exist and people want you
    -If you get visited by someone they will be roleblocked forever
    -If you get visited by a person of higher power then you become a slave to that person and everyone who is supposed to get roleblocked by you forever becomes permanently cult with that person instead

    People of higher power include: Distorted, Efekannn02, Millitary Leaders, Capitalists, Many Others
    I Like Ice Cream

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    Re: Let's make a horrendous setup

    Quote Originally Posted by Stealthbomber16 View Post
    dude stop fucking stealing my ideas
    wut? did I actually do that again lol?
    if I did sorry I didnt mean to

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