Games actually being social and positive

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    Games actually being social and positive

    So I was playing Overwatch and you can use voice chat. In a game I played recently, people were calling out shots, working together, and just being positive in general. It felt like I was hanging out with a group of my half-friends, and that game was honestly the most enjoyable I played.

    Of course, there were two girls in voice chat, so that explains why everyone was acting so S O C I A L. I mean, I don't really blame these thirsty, BASEMENT DWELLING virgin gamers. However, as an ALPHA CHAD, I don't need to pick up e-girls on Overwatch. (GOOFY!)

    Imagine Sc2Mafia being positive, LOL. Like has anyone played a game of Mafia and genuinely felt good about themselves after? Don't get me wrong, I enjoy the toxicity because it's a great way for me to vent after dealing with real life bullshit. But damn, I never felt genuinely wholesome after playing ANY game like I did after that one match.
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    Re: Games actually being social and positive

    This is 100 % right. I've had similar experiences with Heroes of the Storm (playing with a good friend does help though). On Mafia, it can happen if everyone is civil or nearly everyone... which is rare. That feeling comes quite often after a good round of arguing in Forum Mafia though (shameless advertisement here).

    And yes, it is a good thing that you're trying to make the site more lively :P if you'd like, you can join the Skwirl server, we're a lot hanging out there and it'll give you a more complete access to the community. link here
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