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    FM The Championat

    FM The Championat

    I had this genius idea of making a circlejerk FM with no signups. Role or whatever will be given on the fly to anyone who posts here instead.

    This is the thread.

    There is no planned end to this game, instead you will gain points for doing things that are good for your faction, like lynching scum when you're town.

    Rolecards and game-mechanics like voting type etc may change whenever the host wishes, but I'll try to keep this fair.

    As this is CJ, general FM rules do not apply here. It is allowed to quote the host, to angleshoot, say bad words towards other players, gamethrow etc. Feel free to experiment.

    By posting here you agree to my terms and automatically become part of the game.

    Please post here.

    Have fun

    Spoiler : cvote :
    Efekannn02,MarshmallowMarshall,OzyWho,Reemus,Abrah amLincoln,Frinckles,NoctiZ,HueyTheLong,Stealthbomb omb16,Rylai,Stealthbuccaneer16,EnigmaticAlpha,Chip otle,Pestilence,Smurfette,GrouchySmurf,rumox,Maste rNinja,voss_smurf,aamirus,Magoroth,Voss,Stealthbom ber16,skip,Kenny

    Bird Vote Count

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    Re: FM The Championat

    Leaderboard with the best FM players of all time as was determined in this thread with my fair and transparent point system:

    Note: There is no rule against smurfs, but they are a clear sign of poor skill. The leaderboard of the best players of all time is designed to reflect each player's skill level as accurately as possible, as such use of smurfs will have a negative influence on their respective owner's ranking here.
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