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    thanks Re: FM The Championat

    My son Kenny did not look like a winner. He was rather uncoordinated and wore braces from the age of thirteen until the day he died. However, in his all too brief life he proved that he was a winner. On October 29, 2019 my son tried to show the world that he could win again. On November 1, 2019 my first born son and my hero, lost. On November 1, 2019 my first born son and my hero, died, one hundred and sixty days before his twenty-second birthday.
    I keep wondering the same thing that I did when I first saw him in the thread. What would he have become. How could he have changed his piece of the world to make it better?
    Kenny officially died in a thread in Circlejerk. He actually died on the outskirts of the site, tied to a keyboard. You Mrs. Aamirus with your friend Mr. Voss left him out there by himself, but he wasn't alone. There were his lifelong friends wiith him, friends that he had grown up with.
    You're probably wondering who these friends were. First he had the beautiful shitposts and the horrendous content that we used to see through a telescope. Then he had the general discussion to shine on him. And through it all he was breathing in the scent of pine fm discussion from the forum mafia section. He heard the reports, the ever present reports, for the last time. He had one more friend with him, he had Rachyl. And I feel better knowing he wasn't alone.
    Kenny’s beating, hospitalization and funeral focused worldwide attention on hate. Good is coming out of evil. People have said enough is enough. I miss my son, but I am proud to be able to say that he is my son.
    Rachyl has been quoted as being against the death penalty. It has been stated that Kenny was against the death penalty. Both of these statements are wrong. Kenny believed that there were crimes and incidents that justified the death penalty. I too believe in the death penalty. I would like nothing better than to see you die Mrs Aamirus. However this is the time to begin the healing process. To show mercy to someone who refused to show any mercy.
    Mrs. Aamirus, I am going to grant you life, as hard as it is for me to do so, because of Kenny. Every time you celebrate Christmas, a birthday, the Fourth of July remember that Kenny isn't.
    Every time you wake up in your prison cell remember that you had the opportunity and the ability to stop your actions that day. You robbed me of something very precious and I will never forgive you for that. Mrs. Aamirus I give you life in the memory of one who no longer lives. May you have a long life and may you thank Kenny every day for it.
    Quote Originally Posted by Ganelon View Post
    @Stealthbomber16 is Light scum this game?
    you said he’s more passive aggressive as scum
    Quote Originally Posted by deathworlds View Post
    Uh, SB16 isn't a part of this game
    Hopefully you'll get banned and hit by a truck.

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    Re: FM The Championat

    I think Kenny’s made a deal with The Godfather.

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    Quote Originally Posted by blinkskater View Post
    Polish my nuts and serve me a milkshake. Anyone who uses scum syntax will be lynched.
    Quote Originally Posted by Stealthbomber16 View Post
    lmao he is the baby in your picture

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    Re: FM The Championat

    You demotratically lynched rumox.
    His role was Donald Trump
    Spoiler : :
    Donald Trump

    Once upon a time there was a bulldog in America. Larger than average size, somewhat dark gray eyes, a rather blonde fur. That bulldog, named Donald Trump, fell in love to a duck, Daisy. She already was a mother of 6, maybe even 7, she did not even find Donald attractive. Donald's love was real however. At first he tried just barking at her whenever he could.
    Spoiler : :

    Yet Daisy did not understand. The lovely pupper's barks remained unheard. Donald was a creative dog though, driven by his limitless love he then tried the craziest things.
    Donald barked at neighbors.
    Donald barked at inanimate objects.
    Then Donald tried swimming.
    Spoiler : :

    That did not work the way he thought either. The water somehow was magical and turned him into a merdog.
    A curse, Donald thought. But Daisy saw him and thought something else. Ever since she was 2 years old she always dreamed of hooking up with a merdog.
    So, whoosh and, um, hoppity hop. They became a terrorist group with the goal of turning all of earth into merdogs. One other guy joined them already.

    As the POTUS, you are the terrorist leader. Daisy Duck is your escort. Master Splinter is the 3rd member of the terrorist group.
    You will receive a night chat at night.

    You gain 4 points for lynching players of any faction that is neither town nor terrorist.

    Vote Count at EoD:
    Marshmallow Marshall (1 [L-19]):

    Kenny (0 [L-20]):
    voss_smurf, Voss, Magoroth, aamirus (Mayor), Stealthbomber16

    Voss (1 [L-19]):

    rumox (2 [L-18]):
    NoctiZ, Efekannn02
    Efe gained 2 points.

    Night is gonna last something around 24 hours.
    Stop posting now.
    Last edited by Kenny; November 5th, 2019 at 02:14 PM. Reason: points

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    Re: FM The Championat

    Day 3

    -bird sounds-

    @Stealthbomber16 died. He was run over by a bus. His role was:
    Spoiler : :
    Ikea Woman

    You're the woman of Mag's dreams. You don't look that hot and you're generally not really open towards lasting relationships. But you're cheap.

    You may blackmail Magoroth.

    You can get 6 points by lynching a player of Magoroth's alignment who isn't Magoroth.

    He did not leave a last will this time. -1 point unfortunately.
    No points for the player who killed him. Their goal was killing town.

    Efe has drawn a smiley on the piece of paper he received yesterday. Then he threw it at stealthbomber16 violently.
    @Stealthbomber16 died a second time. -1 point again unfortunately.

    The cultists decided to try attacking @Efekannn02 with paper again. This time Efe was prepared however. He set up camp and killed all intruders with a military grade paper rifle.
    @Stealthbomber16 died a third time. -1 point unfortunately.
    +1 point for @Efekannn02 .

    @rumox took out his Tic Tacs.
    Then he, a proud bulldog, and his terrorist gang, also dogs, grabbed @Reemus by the puppy. @rumox didn't even wait. Just grabbed the puppy. It was like a magnet. And because @rumox is a bulldog @Reemus let him do it. Puppers can do anything.
    +3 points for @Reemus .
    @Reemus is now in town. Welcome.

    rumox also moved on @MasterNinja . And he failed. @MasterNinja was married. Admit it. Bird.
    @MasterNinja was taken furniture shopping.

    Puppers can do anything. @Stealthbomber16 , one of rumox' goons who did not eat Tic Tacs, got attacked by @Reemus as result of the magnet effect.
    @Stealthbomber16 died. -1 point unfortunately.

    @Magoroth was tasked with finding and killing birdbot last night. He didn't do it.
    Please vote with cvote tags today. Instructions here: Vote Count: It is the best kind of voting. If you disagree, take it out on @Magoroth .

    Last edited by Kenny; November 5th, 2019 at 01:59 PM.

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