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    Edge: 1-S2-1-1032793

    Account Name: Edge
    Account ID: 1-S2-1-1032793
    In-Game Name: name Big Cock Willy

    Crimes Committed: Game-Throwing

    Your Account Name: PorkyPrick (was Stemler, used free name change)
    Summary: After N1, Edge claimed he was sheriff and found "2" to be Triad. Edge was revealed to be Sheriff and 2 was revealed to be Jailor. There was a Forger, however, the Forger was jailed on N1 so forging 2 was impossible.
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    Re: Edge: 1-S2-1-1032793

    ID Verification: Edge : 1-S2-1-1032793

    Players Added to Report:



    Control 2


    Edge Rolled Sheriff In Slot 12

    There Was No Witch Or BD There Was A Forger That Was Jailed By 2 N1 However

    Day 1: Nothing
    N1: Sheriff Slot 12 Checks 11 Come Up As NS
    Day 2: 12 Claims 2 Is Mafia / 2 Is Jailor 2 Gets Put Up And Innoed But Outed Because Of This Action
    12 Also Gets Put Up And Stands By His Claim That 2 Is Mafia When He Checked 11 N1
    N2:12 Checks 6/12 Is Hit By Triad
    Day 3: 2 Was Killed By Interro
    Game Continues Normally After This. Ends Day 10 With Cult Win

    Was the game result altered?

    Hard To Say If 12 Hadnt Made A Fake Claim Against 2 He Likely Wouldnt Have Been Targeted By The Interro
    Also, 2 Outed His Self As Sheriff With Said Fake Claim.

    Player Offenses

    Game Throwing

    Previous Offenses


    On Hold Report From 2013 Really Doesnt Apply But It Is A Previous Action

    Recommended Action


    Additional Notes

    Honestly If He Hadnt Made A Fake Claim Against The Jailor In Slot 2 This Game Could Have Gone Very Differently.

    We Thank You For Your Report.
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