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    SoulEaterR: 1-S2-1-5152845

    Account Name: SoulEaterR
    Account ID: 1-S2-1-5152845
    In-Game Name: Bitcoin

    Crimes Committed: Game-Throwing, [potential] Hacking

    Your Account Name: theoneceko
    SoulEaterR claims mayor WITHOUT revealing, tries to random lynch 15. We trial SoulEaterR instead, he never reveals so we lynch him. So he "x-ships" and types -vote during the death animation.

    I think he may be hacking as well, will keep an eye on him. In the game where he threw as mayor, his random lynch target, 15, was actually auditor. The second replay I link shows him lynching mafioso and arsonist as an executioner.

    -Mafia- (820).SC2Replay-Mafia- (822).SC2Replay

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    Re: SoulEaterR: 1-S2-1-5152845

    ID Verification
    SoulEaterR: Correct. 1-S2-1-5152845

    Players Added to Report

    ----------Replay #1----------


    SoulEaterR chooses the name Bitcoin and is an Executioner in slot #12. #6 (Investigator) is his target.

    Day 1: Normal gameplay.

    Night 1: Normal gameplay.

    Day 2: #4 (Marshall) is dead. Nobody immediately presents a lead. #12 says "6 is mafia, he visited 4". #6 and #12 argue for a while. Eventually, #6 is lynched 3-4. #12 sighs in relief over his success.

    Throughout the rest of the game, #12 tries to accuse random people of being evil. It's unclear if this is based on ingame evidence, or if #12 just guessed. In any case, this is legitimate play since #12 already earned a win no matter what. Executioners have the right to have fun and troll after winning.

    The game ends on Day 5 with a Town victory.

    Was the game result altered?

    ----------Replay #2----------

    CTRL + 3

    SoulEaterR chooses the name Bitcoin and is a Mayor in slot #1.

    Day 1: #1 claims to be the Mayor and demands that everyone PMs roleclaims.

    Night 1: Normal gameplay.

    Day 2: #1 continues to claim Mayor. Nobody really pays attention. #1 starts calling people names and threatens to ban people.

    Night 2: #1 is jailed and claims Mayor. The Jailor chooses to execute #1. #1 writes as a last will "Failor thrower." #1 is not executed.

    Day 3: #1 trashtalks the Jailor. #1 is put up for a trial and says:
    "citizen 0% lol"
    "im mayor"
    "sorry not gonna reveal cuz i dont want ppl to pm roles"
    "not in the mood yet"
    "wait to day 4-5"
    "IM MAYOR"
    "I am really mayor"
    "ur just randoming"
    #1 never reveals as Mayor.
    #1 is lynched 1-5 and uses extended mothership.
    #1 reveals during the execution sequence.

    The game ends on Day 6 with a Town victory.

    Was the game result altered?
    Yes. The Town lost its Government due to #1's choices.


    Player Offenses
    Intentional Gamethrowing

    Previous Offenses
    Griefing (On Hold) (February 2019)

    Recommended Action
    Watchlist x2

    Additional Notes
    Replay 1: #12 played normally. After winning, he just trolled for a bit. This is well within the rules. I see no evidence of hacking.

    Replay 2: #1 refused to reveal as Mayor, even when he was clearly going to be lynched unless he revealed. SoulEaterR is an experienced player who should know that this is unacceptable. Combined with the previous offense, I recommend Watchlist x2.

    Thank you for your effort to keep the game clean!
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    Re: SoulEaterR: 1-S2-1-5152845

    Well i got plenty of reasons not to reveal.

    First and most important, its not against the rules.
    There could been a judge in the game.
    I was randomed on trial without any sheriff/invest claims saying i am Triad/Maf
    I claimed my role and lw and i said i wanted to wait to next day before revealing cause im tired and i dont want everyone to PM me.
    And i am not trying to ruin the game for annyone, town could easily innoed on that speech as i was clearly looking like the role i claimed at that point town didnt have reason to guilty.

    If not revealing on trial means im 100% guilty then why not just make the game auto reveal everytime you are put up since its against the rules not to apparently.

    based on that alone should be more than enough, town did not even check for counter claims or try to play good themselfs and guiltied. my punishment here is solely based on how good the town played.
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    Re: SoulEaterR: 1-S2-1-5152845

    As per this section's rules it is not permitted to post here unless you are appealing a report on yourself or are staff. I deleted all posts that broke this rule now and would highly prefer to not see more of those.

    SoulEater's crime here does not stem purely from him not revealing on trial. There are plenty of cases where such play is tolerated, like being afk, having a lack of knowledge on game mechanics, or generally showing an intent of trying to argue and survive.

    SoulEater literally antagonized every player in town that game and purposefully got himself voted up. That much is absolutely obvious from watching the replay and is not gonna get discussed either. After getting himself voted up as a result of his own play, he continued antagonizing and also did not reveal the role he pretended to be. That is not just bad play leading to a loss. We tolerate bad play. This is toxic play making everyone involved angry at him. And SoulEater has well enough experience to know how people would react.
    Whether it's griefing or gamethrow sure is a matter of perspective. He could've 100% simply not gotten himself killed on purpose there though, and the fact he did do it definitely justifies the punishment.

    If you still wish to appeal, adhere to the rules and do it in a proper manner. Anyone who is not SoulEater may not appeal a report directed at SoulEater.

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    Re: SoulEaterR: 1-S2-1-5152845

    The punishment stands. My reasons are:

    1. antagonistic behavior towards people, and threatening them with bans.
    2. "I will reveal day 4-5. I'm not in the mood". In short, you never intended to reveal. Games are almost wrapped up by that time.
    3. Revealing during execution is something you do to piss people off. It's almost you tried to antagonize people, and wanted to see the look on their faces when you reveal during execution.
    4. It's a WL x2 only.
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