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    A-FM Classic (Setup)

    Voss's Classic Setup

    General Settings

    • Game will start with a Night 0.
    • Day lengths will be 172800 seconds.
    • Night lengths will be 86400 seconds .

    Spoiler : Town Faction :


    • The uninformed majority, these roles must eliminate all Mafia factions, the cult, and all evil neutrals
    • Must eliminate Mafia.

    Available Roles

    • A voice of reason during the day.
    • The percentage of citizens to non citzens is about 40%.

    • Save someone from an attack.
    • Will know if target was successfully saved
    • Target knows if they were saved, but not by who
    • Doctor can't stop poisoning

    • Investigate someone to determine if they are suspicious or not.
    • Can pick out the difference between one team and another
    • Has no pregame check
    • Sheriff can detect who Mafia are.

    Spoiler : Mafia Faction :


    • The informed minority, these roles must eliminate the Town, other Mafia factions, the cult and evil killing neutrals.
    • Must eliminate Town.

    Available Abilities

    • Ability to kill at night.
    • You will not know which faction made this kill.

    Available Roles

    • A henchman of the mafia.
    Spoiler : Order of Operations :

    Order of Operations

    • Commuting
    • Grave Diggers, in reverse order
    • Sending other people to do actions for you
    • Witch manipulation
    • Commuting again, if missed the first round
    • Vistations for sending other people to do actions for you
    • Oracle/Snitch action
    • Role Blocking
    • Jailor Executions
    • Operator/Intended target switching
    • Coroner
    • Bus Driving
    • Coward hiding
    • Vesting
    • Undousing
    • Bodyguard moving
    • Dousing
    • All kill abilities at once: Veteran alerting, Serial Killer stabbing, Disguiser killing, Mass Murderer spree killing, Joker killing, Interceptor, Electromaniac charging, Cult clubbing, Burning, Gun Shooting, Mafia kill
    • Bodyguard attacks
    • Jester suicides
    • Doctors
    • Disguiser takes persona
    • Commuting if applicable
    • Cleaning
    • Silencing, Disfranchising, Blackmailing, Puppeteering, and Ghost controlling
    • Framing
    • Enforcing
    • Mason Recruiting
    • Cult visiting
    • Cult recruiting
    • Drug Dealing
    • Items passed out: guns, vests, breadd
    • Amnesiac remembers
    • Investigations: Sheriff, Investigator, Scout, Arms Detector
    • Poisoning
    • Suiting
    • Jester annoys
    • Normal visitations
    • Role watching: spy, lookout, detective, agent

    Rules of Conduct
    1. Forum Mafia Rules
    2. Inactive players will be replaced by another player, if necessary, they will be modkilled.
    3. To ask the Host a question, you must highlight the question in green, and mention the host @Voss . You may also pm me on Discord.
    4. Minimum of 5 posts per game day.
    5. English shall be the only language used.
    6. Do not post links to other websites.
    7. Pictures are allowed in moderation.
    8. Videos are not allowed.
    9. Directly quoting any feedback or PM by me is forbidden.
    10. Have Fun.

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    Re: A-FM Classic (Setup)

    @Voss , the link to FM Rules is not the right one. https://www.sc2mafia.com/forum/showth...um-Mafia-Rules is the updated one; I will edit the other thread's name as "OUTDATED".
    Spoiler : Quotes :
    Quote Originally Posted by S-FM Hey peter View Post
    There are two wolves inside you. One is addicted to crack. The other one is also addicted to crack. You are addicted to crack.
    Quote Originally Posted by Stealthbomber16 View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by BananaCucho View Post
    Mallow are you really an anti vaxxer
    Quote Originally Posted by The Lawyer View Post
    Besides your lamp and your refridgerators, do you find anyone else suspicious?
    Quote Originally Posted by Renegade View Post
    God is a goofy loser.

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