So I've been talking to a lot of people about this in lobbies and over the coarse of playing Mafia again this past month.... But I feel crier needs a bit of a re-work. Or to be changed entirely into something else.

I understand the point and capability of Crier. If I role Crier I try to confirm it, and take the "Govern" context to get roles from everyone and or swing town in the right direction. However, Most people I see just spam night chat with useless information and remain silent during the day, only eventually getting killed or lynched.
The main reason for this I think is there is no ability or other power with the role other than the user being smart and using good deduction skills to figure things out. Unfortunately i'm Just not seeing enough games where the Crier helps town any if at all. Sometimes it's actually more negative than anything being people think he is a judge.

My first suggestion would be is just to remove him as a govern option. Marshall and Mayor completely shadow a crier as far as usefulness. Sure, a bad Mayor and Marshall can devastate a town, but it is also a very powerful weapon as the Govern role implies.

Interested in hearing your thoughts on this.

I also had a idea for Governor to replace Crier, I'm just working out the details and abilities.